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October 21st, 2010 Dan - Episode 50 posted, forums shutdown

So more time went between comparisons than I had hoped, sorry about that. But at least now episode 50 is finally online. Enjoy!

Also, to finish this update, is what some will view with mixed reactions. But it is something that must be done sadly. The forums here have been online for around seven years. It's been filled with some great discussions and all around fun times. About a couple years ago in the middle of SMU's dead phase, the forums started to see a decline of activity. It made sense, as nothing was going on with the actual site at all. When I started doing comparisons again as well as getting involved in the SMOC and networking with other sites, I had hoped to see an increase in activity there. After some months, this is not the case. So after some discussion with the rest of the staff, we decided it would be best to shut them down.

With this decision, I have locked all the forums and taken down the images from the front page. I'm not going to just delete years of discussion, and have put a link in our archives located in the bottom of the News/Misc section.

With the forums done, this does not mean there's no where to have discussion about SMU. We still have the SMU facebook page where site discussion can take place. I was curious as to how to use it for something besides posting site updates, now we have another use for it.

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