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Sailor Moon and Sailor V First Volumes Info (March 21st, 2011) - The date and prices have been set

Sailor Moon and Sailor V Manga to be released again in US (March 18th, 2011) - Kodansha Comics USA official press release on the return of the SM manga and US premiere of Sailor V

Sailor Moon R Movie to be screened in Atlanta, GA (March 8th, 2011) - No license does not equal no news. Who wants to bring me to Atlanta?

Toei Willing to License Sailor Moon Again (April 12th, 2010) - After years of a license freeze, we have our first actual sign of a new license.

Sailor Moon on Funimation Poll (May 20th, 2009) - Another poll, maybe more hope?

Sailor Moon on Toei Poll (August 13th, 2007) - More pieces come together

Geneon continues to try as well (July 25th, 2007) - Hope continues to trickle in.

TokyoPop attempts to renegotiate the license to he manga (July 24th, 2007) - Possiblity of Sailor Moon in America again?

Warriors of Legend Press Release (May 25th, 2005) - PR for the new book by Genvid L.L.C. out today!

Final Geneon Signature Series Announcement (September 17th, 2004) - Who'd have thought it would've gotten announced so soon?

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 Cover Archives
Geneon's Sailor Moon S Covers - Scans of the S DVD cover art and inserts, as well as the VHS covers.

Geneon's Sailor Moon SS Covers - Scans of the SuperS DVD cover art and inserts, as well as the VHS covers.

Geneon Movie Covers - Scans of the movie box art, DVD covers, and inserts.

ADV DiC Dub DVDs - Coverart of the dubbed DVD releases of Classic and R.

ADV Uncut Seasons 1 and 2 Covers - Coverart of the uncut DVD releases of Classic and R.

Buena Vista's DiC VHSs - Scans from Buena Vista's release of the DiC dub on VHS

 The Things in Our Mailboxes
You mean this isn't a porn site? - Heh, I guess we attract all the hentai fans here because the word 'uncensored' is part of the site

Sailor Moon is NOT real - Some pieces of mail you wouldn't believe. Heres one that Tiff got that we had a nice good laugh at and I know you all will.

Funny mail I got - This mail was probably the first mail I've ever gotten where I laughed hard and it wasn't a dumb question or anything like that. I'm sure you'll get a good laugh as well ^_^

 Interesting Message Board Posts
Poem on anime - A nice poem written on anime. While posted by Sailor Copper Hamster on alt.binaries.multimedia.sailor-moon posted it, the orginal author of this piece of work is unknown.

Why Japan animation is better than American animation - Great post that explains why Japanamation is better that American when responding to a troll's essay who believed otherwise.

Making fun of newbies - We're all newbies at some point, but some are just too far gone. This is one of the best responses I've seen to one.

A new hope - We at alt.fan.sailor-moon have very creative minds of everything in the anime and real world. Here is a great news article someone typed up regarding the recent election I'm sure you'll love ^_^

 Other Site Stuff
Robot Chicken Parody - Adult Swim's Robot Chicken parodies Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon S: Heart Collection I Review - A more offical-like review (AnimeOnDVD.com style) of the first SMS DVD by Dan.

Sailor Moon - Songs from the hit TV series CD Review - A review of the first North American Sailor Moon music CD by Bob.

 Archived Stuff
Anti-SOS Section - Relive the memories of SOS bashing on this site here now that there's no more to be done with its closing.

SMU Forums - The forums here were run from Fall 2003 - Spring 2009 (about a year's worth of posts to 2010 were sadly lost and unrecoverable), feel free to go through years of much fun and discussion before the eventual death of them.

Anti-Moon Chase Section - SOS 2.0 yields Anti-SOS 2.0 which was short lived fun in 2011.

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