50 "Usagi no kiki! Tiara sadou sezu"
(Usagi In Danger! Disabled Tiara)
44 "VR Madness" 95-11-27

A new virtual reality center has opened up in town, in which Ail and An decided that would be the best place for their next Cardian to be unleashed. Usagi and Luna went to the center to meet the other girls, but she was discouraged by all the couples in line and was about to leave. She changed her mind seeing Mamoru going in by himself. They were joined by Seijuro and Natsumi after Mamoru scared off a high school student trying to pick up Natsumi. The four entered immediately, as a staff member was under Ail's spell, saying to the people in line they were VIP. Seijuro and Natsumi eventually got separated from the group and reverted to their Ail and An forms to summon a Cardian. The Cardian attacked many players, including Usagi's father and brother who were already inside. Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon to start fighting the monster, but her tiara failed. The Moonlight Knight appeared to assist Moon, but eventually fell to its attacks. The other senshi appeared and were shocked when Moon informed them of her tiara. They took over the fight for her and defeated the Cardian. Later at home, between her tiara not working anymore and Mamoru actually not being the Moonlight Knight, she felt she didn't understand anything anymore.

It's really amazing on how easy it is to tell which writer handled which episode I'm discovering. While I could easily tell this one was from the bad one of the two, it at least wasn't too bad compared to other episodes they did. This was one I enjoy in both versions, happy that the dub didn't do too bad here.

The script for this episode was decent. I wouldn't say good or bad, it was translated well, but had some creative liberties done to it. At least nothing was really mangled with the script today.

The MotD is named Hell Ant. DiC changed this to Nacrid however. There is no episode specific VotD.

The pre-episode preview continues to be handles the same way. The video is untouched with a special frame surrounding it.

(5 seconds) While we see Usagi's mother tugging on her blanket, we don't see her actually succeed in getting it off, making Luna fly in the process. So we can watch the cats in an actual battle a few episodes ago but we can't see them get hurt in a humorous way? I love logic. @_@;

(2 seconds added) As Usagi turned to her pillow and paused before lying back down, the pause was held for around a couple more seconds in the dub.

(2 seconds) However as the digital bump appears, DiC actually froze the footage where Usagi and her pillow actually return to the ground, with Luna looking on as a thought bubble contained with a sweat drop appears. Why bother with this cut and aforementioned edit if they equal zero time loss? Plus if DiC hated the humor of this scene so much, why not just cut the whole damn thing? At least this scene really wasn't important to the episode, and it would take away the "need" for all the snippets ahead.

(5 seconds) The flyer is kept in the dub which is nice. It was on screen for longer however, as the camera pan starts lower in the dub, and the dub does not pause on the bottom nearly as long as the original.

(2 seconds) The second shot of the flyer is cut completely however. We would normally see it again as An throws it back on the table.

(2 seconds) I can always tell an episode is going to be hell when I find snippets so early on. Here's the first set of them, shaving about two seconds off the episode time.

(3 seconds) Usagi teasing Luna trying to get her to reveal how to bring back Mamoru's memories was longer. We don't get to see a shot of Luna's face as Usagi shakes Luna's arms.

(7 seconds) After Mamoru scolds Usagi for torturing her cat, we don't see her turn around to face him, where in the process she just drops Luna on the ground. Ouch! Poor Luna in this episode. There is also a shot of his face cut.

The end of line sign filled with kana is untouched. And to save myself a bunch of boxes in my notes, with the exception of the shortening of the flyer on the screen, all kana in this episode is untouched. Kudos. ^_^

(6 seconds) While they kept the part of the creepy dude trying to hit on Natsumi was actually miss the beginning of this scene. Most notable in this cut was the guy's face had a huge handprint on it. Now, before anyone makes any assumptions, in the original we do NOT see her hit him nor what may have happened for her to do that. So I don't see why they bothered cutting this part, wouldn't surprise me if DiC thought this might promote violence between people. -_-; I guess we'll never know.

There was also a close up of Natsumi's face that was cut before Mamoru showed up.

(1 second) And more snippets.

(9 seconds) After the four reluctantly join up to go inside, the entire scene of them being let in ahead of the line (the brainwashed employee explains they're VIP) is cut. This scene is semi-important, why cut it? How are dub viewers supposed to believe they just walked in when we've not only seen a long line, but see the other four senshi waiting all through the episode? If a scene "has" to be cut, at least make it an unimportant one.

(1 second) Snippets before Usagi notices Shingo and their dad there.

(7 seconds) Usagi and Shingo's conversation is longer originally. In it we see her grab him from behind as they argue, and she wails him upside the head. So much violence today! ^_^ Sadly we didn't see this in the dub, even though we still got to see him nurse his head after the cut. Hooray logic!

(10 seconds) After Usagi and Seijuro separate after he catches her, the entire conversation she has with her dad is cut. basically he told her he trusted her, and she was embarrassed at this.

(1 second) More snippets!

It was nice to see Shingo's "transformation" and taunt sequence left in. Sure they changed "Sneakers Shingo" to "Super Sammy," but they left in him punishing monsters in the name of the moon, nice!

(4 seconds) A camera pan down one of the corridors before we see Shingo and his dad is cut.

(1 second) Snippets: the only positive effect they have is giving beer brewers my money.

(4 seconds) As Mamoru and Seijuro stare each other down, one shot of this is cut. This shot has lightning bolts in the background followed by the images of two gnarling beasts still in the background.

(2 seconds) Snippets

This is a rare occurrence where the first dub commercial break and the only original commercial break don't line up. The commercial break in the original was right after the Cardian was summoned.

(3 seconds) Small cuts while the Cardian was draining energy. Amongst these snippets, I noticed that the guy who tried to shoot the Cardian was shown twice in the original but once in the dub. In this cut shot he was also pulled to the ground.

(7 seconds) After Mamoru grabs Usagi's arm, we see him shoot monsters down another hallway before her daydream.

A ripple effect was added at the start and end of Usagi's daydream.

"A guy thing? Sounds to me more like a scout thing!" ~Serena

This would've been ok if not for the scout mention. Not because she used the word scout (though I'm not a fan of that term), but because in that context she could have blown her identity.

"Back off hose head!" ~Mamoru
"No one calls me hose head!" ~Cardian

Need I really say more here?

"It's time someone called the exterminator!" ~Serena and Sammy's dad

Ugh. This line alone normally wouldn't merit an SDA, even though it is quite stupid. The reason is get's a special mention is because their father originally said that it's his duty to protect his kid.

Though all the digital bumps are unnecessary, I do like the fact that they cause no time loss and I don't have to resync scenes.

While this was an "I shall punish you!" episode, this is a rare case where the theory is proven wrong. While I give the script a "meh" rating, the cut-fest in the first half takes away any chance of me calling the dub of this episode good by any means. Hell, when I was getting ready for the comparison and watched the two versions separate, my pre-comparison notes simply said "fuck." I was that scared to dive in to doing the comparison. True story.

(11 seconds added) After the second commercial break, it's normal to see the last few seconds be recycled, so I never really made any notes of time added since it is so common. This episode is an exception however. Instead of doing the normal thing, they continued with the plot, adding in (all of these clips are from before the break reused with different dialog):

* Shot of An taunting Moon with her tiara useless
* Cardian preparing for an attack, or just looking menacing, one of the two
* The shocked look on Moon's face
* Freeze frame of the tiara on the ground

"We'll show this nega-trash what the Sailor Scouts are all about!" ~Venus

Considering the original line was Venus informing the Cardian they would be taking Moon's place in the battle, this just doesn't fit. The use of "nega" is also a big minus here. And to finish the box off, Venus did not say that the tiara might still work.

JAotD: Jupiter Thunder Crash

We've become quite accustom to DiC using some sort of effect which leads to a pink screen with moons and stars. For this episode, a curtain effect was used, and actually didn't replace a nifty effect that was originally used as in episodes prior. The original only had a fade out this time.

Total Retained 71%

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