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May 12th, 2013 Dan - Episode 56, Cons, New Affiliate

Welcome back everyone! I am sorry for the long delay, especially with the note for these already done. I'm sure y'all are thinking I'm lying about the Doom Tree arc notes being done back in January, however, I very sadly am not. Let me tell you, I am now more aware than before of how bad my handwriting is, and being that these notes were taken months ago, they were not fresh in my memory as I added them to the database. I powered through, and episode 56 is now online! Enjoy this comparison, with 100% more talent! =D

I was planning to post up my convention schedule for the year with this, and it looks like one has already passed, oops. ^^;; In addition to my normal Otakon visit in the summer, this year there will be a Sailor Moon specific convention in New York City! Senshi Matsuri will be a one day convention for all things Sailor Moon! I will definitely be there, and will also be running a panel with fellow members of Miss Dream. I'm pretty excited, and hope to see a lot of you there!

And to finish this off, also later than intended, a new affiliate is being added. Everyone welcome Sailor Moon Collectables to the group! Enjoy the massive collection of Tiffany and information on all her stuff!

That's it for this time, I'm going to try to have much less time go by between now and the next update. ^^;;;

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