56 "Mamoru no kiss ubae! Ann no shirayukihime sakusen"
(After Mamoru's Kiss! Ann's Snow White Plan)
50 "Mirror, Mirror On The Wall" 95-12-5

Luna finds Uasgi asleep on her English book, currently turned on the page with the Snow White story. She daydreams and believes that Usagi is having a romantic dream, however when awoken, she was actually dreaming of eating a huge nikuman. In her apartment, An is also reading the Snow White story, dreaming of getting Mamoru to kiss her. Rei calls the other girls to meet at the shrine. She informs them that Mamoru was running a play, but everyone had quit on him. He had stopped by the shrine a bit earlier to pray for the play's success. The girls all decide to help and go to him to volunteer. They decide that he should definitely be the prince, and all start arguing on who should be Snow White. Naru and Umino appear and try to help quell the arguing, but to no avail. Natsumi appears and suggests a lot draw to determine who gets what role. She cheats to get Snow White, Usagi draws to be the Evil Queen, and the rest fill the other roles. They have a rehearsal where Natsumi insists on repeated practices of the big scene, even trying to kiss Mamoru for real, who scolds her saying she is supposed to be sleeping. After this as the girls walk home, they talk about how annoying Natsumi is being, and Usagi is surprised to learn that she cheated to land the role. The others explain that because Natsumi seemed so lonely, they let it slide, but agree that they should talk to her about how she was acting. As they pass the shrine, they see Natsumi there praying for the play to be a success, however her thoughts show her wishing for a kiss from Mamoru. The next day is the dress rehearsal, where all of the extras were dressed as forest animals. The girls were disappointed, but Natsumi mockingly told them they looked great. When it's time for the play, the hall is packed, however when the curtain rised, the cardian, Biperrot, appears. Natsumi tried to stop her, but is knocked out by a giant ball. In the chaos, everyone else got into a jumbled mess. Usagi is able to get out of the mess and transform into Sailor Moon and gives her speech, but is trapped by a rope made by the cardian. The Moonlight Knight appears to cut the rope. The other soldiers take the stage and give their own speeches before attacking and defeating the cardian. The Moonlight Knight announces a happy ending to the audience, the curtian drops, and the soldiers wave to the audience. Back at their apartment, An is angry with Ail for ruining the play. He tells her off and leaves, while secretly wishing that he could have played the prince.

This was an enjoyable episode in both versions for me. While there was certainly room for improvement in the dub script, it still retained a lot of the fun charm. Plus, who doesn't love the new meaning of the word "talent" that was started here?

The script for this episode was a step up from the previous, though I would find it hard for it to step down (this is not meant as a challenge! >_<).

The MotD was named Bipierrot, with DiC shortening this to Pierrot. There was no episode specific VotD.

Someday I'll think of interesting things to put here for the pre-episode sequence having nothing lost and a frame added. Today is not that day.

(40 seconds) The entire scene of Luna as Usagi slept before the episode title card was cut.

A shot of Ail and An's building is added after the title card.

(13 seconds) A shot of outside of the shrine is cut, and the start of the girls' conversation is cut short some.

(3 seconds) What Rei hands to Usagi is actually Mamoru's prayer for the play to be a success. The closeup shot of this is cut.

Though the digital bumps are mostly added (and hard to track every single one), DiC usually keeps effects already used in episodes, often with their own special flair. Not in this episode. There is a nifty scene change that uses Luna which was replaced by a generic tiara one.

"I've got the most talent!" ~Lita

Yep, we have finally reached the infamous line! Originally, Makoto exclaimed she should get the role for having the biggest breasts. While it's easy to see why DiC did not keep this line, the end result is amusing. I can't even knock this, I have a shirt that references this which I love! So instead, I will thank DiC for indirectly giving a code word for breasts for years and more to come. =D

(2.5 seconds) After this line, there was a closeup of Makoto sticking out her chest to compare breast sizes. Yes, even after what was already left when she was showing her ample "talent" to all. ^_~

For a reason I assume to solely make me scratch my head, during the girls' arguement, a blue box border is added in.

Further making me want to smash my head into things, over the course of the next minute, THREE digital bumps were added in. Yes, three within a minute. I don't get it either.

A shot of the hall is replaced... by another shot of the same building later in the episode. D=<

Even though I mentioned above the difficulty of keeping track of all the digital bumps DiC adds in, I'm crazy and still try. One last one is added in before the commercial break.

(2 seconds) The pan up Ail and An's building is shortened some.

(2 seconds) The frawing of the curtains takes less time in the dub with about two seconds lost.

A split shot wasn't good enough, so DiC added the thick pink bar to jazz it up as I mentioned earlier.

While both "I shall punish you!" and "and that means you!" end up in this episode, since the speech ended with the latter and the script get's a score of "meh" from me, the theory stays true.

The second commercial break is handled normally, recapping the past couple seconds upon return.

(2 seconds) In the closing moments, the shot of Ail and An's building was cut short and other snippets were made.

The fade to black was replaced by a circle fill to pink with moons and stars in that background.

Total Retained 77%

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