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September 24th, 2012 Dan - Comparisons Continue! Episode 54 online

After 20 months, I am happy to say that comparisons are back! As mentioned before, the end of 2010 was quite a bit of a turning point for me leading to a massive falling apart of stability in my life. It has taken quite some time, but I'm in a much better spot now. I made a big move out of CNY about a year ago, got a job I enjoy up here not long after, and moved to a better place where I have my own room and space again just less than two months ago. Now that I'm settled in this place and can use two TVs instead of a TV and my dying laptop, it's finally time to pick up on comparisons again, where episode 54 is now up for your reading pleasure! I'm hoping to post up at least one a week, but that is not a promise I can make right now. Before I can really continue with more, I'm awaiting the arrival of an AC adapter for the slim PS2 my brother gave me. I say this because the layout of the remote of the TV with a built-in DVD player I got from a co-worker is just not good for comparisons. I'm just glad that this episode didn't have too many small cuts to really drill down and find. At the very least, barring unexpected emergencies, I fully intend to have the site "complete" before the new anime airs this summer.

For those asking how the new anime affects here, it is way too early to tell. There is just simply not enough information to determine if there will even be a needs for comparisons as currently there is still no English-language license holder for any part of the anime, past or future. Speculating the many different possibilities of both the past and future anime would just be too much, it's better to just see what happens and work from there.

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