54 "Bunkasai ha watashino tame!? Rei joou nesshou"
(The cultural festival is just for me!? Queen Rei sings all out)
48 "Raye's Day In The Spotlight" 95-12-1

Makoto and Minako are helping out at Hiwaka Shrine when Usagi and Ami showed up, learning that Rei was planning out the festival for her school. The two bring Rei a lunch Mako made as Rei was getting was stressed running things and called for a break. The two were impressed to learn that Rei had put together every aspect of her songs herself. The following day was the festival itself, with the girls enjoying many of the activities. Seijuro and Natsumi noted this might be a good place to gather energy, but were dragged to be in the fashion show before having a chance to act on this. In posing, they see that there is a lot of energy to be had. After the fashion show, it was Rei's time to shine and sing her songs. However it wouldn't be long before Ail and An summoned a cardian to steal energy from the audience and Rei. The other girls hid under chairs to avoid having their energy sucked and transformed to begin to battle with it. However, the cardian's hair grasped all four of them and began to sap their energy. Weakened, Rei transformed to Sailor Mars in an attempt to help. While successful in freeing the other soldiers, they were too weak to follow up and the cardian was able to ward off the attack. In attempting to charge at Mars, Moonlight Night appeared, saying he wished to hear Sailor Mars' cute voice again. Her sheet music was knowked over as the cardian attacked him, which brought out her emotions and a new attack, severly wounding the cardian. The other soldiers got their energy back, allowing Sailor Moon to finish it. The concert then went on with a fire outside to finish off the festival.

I have to say, I enjoyed this episode in both versions. Episodes that use songs are good at bringing out emotions, and I absolutely love "Eien no Meloldy." Its English counterpart, "Oh Starry Night," is quite nice as well, one of my favorites on the first American CD. While this episode made Raye a lot meaner than Rei was, it did maintain everything else pretty well. While some details could have had more attention, it's good to see that details are what's being picked apart and not general things. Overall, pretty good job by DiC here.

The script for this episode was pretty spot on actually. Some character exaggerations, such as the typical Raye being meaner than Rei, but generally stayed quite close to the original.

The MotD is Seiren, a direct reference to Greek mythology. Apparently Dic believes this side of the ocean can't handle this reference, and changed her name to Amphibia, a play on the word amphibian. Both names work though I personally see no need for the change. There is no episode-specific VotD.

The pre-episode retains the same treatment with the special frame and no footage lost.

(2 seconds) The camera pan down the shrine right at the start originally was higher and lasted a couple more seconds.

(41 seconds) The vast majority of Makoto and Minako working at the Hiwaka Shrine was cut off. Originally we saw them interact with a crowd of students selling items before Usagi and Ami show up.

While not worthy of the SDA box, it's worth noting that Grandpa originally asked Usagi and Ami to work as well, with Usagi declining, stating she would have issues memorizing sermons. Which leads to...

(4 seconds) ...Grandpa explaining they don't do that, and looking frustrated at that mention. The closeup of his face during this is completely cut.

It was at this moment where the episode card was shown in the original. As with all dub episodes, the title card was right at the start.

(6 seconds) A shot of Rei's face as well as some time when the cats are still on Usagi's shoulders are cut. The cat tossing is still there however. It's nice to see some leniency with this.

Ripple effects are added going in and out of Rei's flashback shots.

A diagonal wipe is added before we see the girls walking through the festival. I'll also note here that while there are a fair amount of digital bumps throughout the episode, their placements make sense and no time is lost due to them.

All the scenes with the girls enjoying the events at the festival had the border added to them. All but the last scene with Ami and Rei that is. I'm not sure why only that clip didn't have it. It would've made more sense for all to have it or better yet, not have it at all.

On a positive note, all kana in this episode is untouched. Even in the scene directly above where there's lots of signs in passing and with nifty fading effects (originally there), no editing or cutting of them took place this entire episode.

An interesting tidbit is how DiC handled the names of two fashion club members. Junko was the girl who took Ail's measurements, though was unnamed in the dub. The president, Sakurako Ougi, was given the name Sarah Howe. Why they gave one a name but not the other I do not know.

(5 seconds) So the leniency I mentioned above was killed here. Apparently hitting a cat is the line. Originally, Luna implies that Usagi should take some leadership qualities from Rei. Naturally, she was insulted by this and hit Luna in the head. The hit and closeup of Luna is cut. However, the very next couple seconds had the lump still completely visible. Once again, my all or nothing thing. There was literally only 2 - 3 seconds left in this particular scene. Either go the full distance and snip out the next seconds so we don't see the bump, or don't take it out at all. Prime example of how DiC fails with details.

(2 seconds) Snippets of Ail and An summoning the cardian shave off a couple of seconds.

In this same scene, a lightning effect was added to this summoning.

DiC's lack of attention to detail shows here. While the proper transformation phrase is "Moon Crystal Power," somehow, "Moon Prism Power" sneaks its way in here.

In an effort to keep myself a touch more sane and reduce reading for y'all, this edit just made me want to smash something screaming "Why?!" Just as they are about to transform, the group shot that already had black bars between each picture were made pink, and MUCH thicker. I just don't understand the point.

In that same exact shot, "Make Up!" is changed to "Sailor Scout Power!" So. Fucking. Close. We almost made it a full episode without the word "scout." I don't believe we've heard the word "Negaverse" in this episode yet. Unless you could the pre-episode preview. I believe I did hear it there.

JAotD: Jupiter Thunder Crash

The second commercial break didn't really do much of a recap. It just recycled one shot of the four soldiers being held by the cardian for about two seconds. Just before that break we did see Rei's hand press to the floor, but had a quick fade out. I'm not sure why this was before the break (or why it was placed in that moment) as I believe it flows better with the following shot, but in the grand scheme of the episode, only two seconds were added due to the recycled shot.

For Mars' transformation, "Make Up!" becomes "I'm Sailor Mars!" I guess an attempt at consistency throughout the episode?

"How dare you sap my friends, fishface! You're gonna pay!" is what she said at the end of her transformation, in place of "In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!" Two reasons I'm listing this. First is the obvious. Second is that with the delivery of the line against the video is just absolutely horrible. It doesn't sound natural if you listen to it not watching, and while watching there is just no attempt to even have it look like it goes with her lip movements. Just all around fail here.

(5 seconds) As the cardian is engulfed in flames and loses its grip on the other soldiers, it sprays water on itself to douse the flames. Most of this dousing is cut.

(1 second) Not long after the last box, it attempts to rush at Mars. A closeup of its face it cut short by a second.

Moonlight Knight saying he wants to hear Sailor Mars' voice sing again is NOT an SDA. This is what was said in the original. Can't blame DiC on this one, actually have to give them credit for keeping that in.

I have to note that the music during the flashback as the music transcript is being tossed throughout the air is just horrible in my opinion. In the original, there were just a progressing cord where you could really feel the sadness Rei was feeling seeing her hard work be destroyed. DiC has some music I'm assuming is meant to give a pump you up feel? It just seems so out of place.

(4 seconds) After the flashback above, the closeup of Mars' face is originally longer.

"Fire Soul Bird" --> "Mars Firebird Strike"

On its own, it's not that bad, but being combined with the "Mars Fireball Charge" dub term, it just sounds silly.

(2 seconds) It was sometime after the above attack but before the defeat of the cardian, where I believe there were either snippets or sped up animation. I constantly had to resync this scene and eventually found it to be two seconds off once the cardian was defeated.

There were not one, but two songs, in this episode. The first one before the cardian attack was "Hottokenai Yo," which was an image song for both Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury in the first season. DiC used a completely different song, "Call My Name," for this scene.

The second song which we hear at this point was "Eien no Meoldy." This is Rei's image song for this season. DiC used the song, "Oh Starry Night" here, where the background and melody were very close to "Eien no Meoldy," however the lyrics were completely different.

As with the last bunch of episodes, a wipe to a pink background with moons and stars, this time in a circle fill. The episode ended at the same spot in both versions.

SInce you see this box, you know they managed to have fun with Sailor Says. In today's block, they showed previously cut footage of Makoto working at the shrine from the start of the episode. While it's nice to see improvement of at least using footage from this episode, you would think in making these segments, they'd use their own footage and not the master footage. Too much to handle I guess.

Total Retained 78%

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