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March 15th, 2012 Dan - Doing some cleanup

After a rollercoaster 2011 and spending some time to stabilize at the tail of last year and early this year, I think I'm ready to get things rolling again here. There's nothing too big here today, just did a little cleanup and fixed up some boxes that have been reported to me multiple times over the years, that I apparently had not fixed up as I thought I did. Oops. ^^;; I won't say where as that takes away part of the fun, but if any of y'all notice anything that seems incorrect, please let me know and I'll respond faster than I have been in recent years.

New comparisons have been on an obvious standstill after the rollercoaster started its ride, and I still don't have any today. However with things being pretty stable now combined with a way to make a setup for doing them, I'm hoping to continue them shortly. One of the things that's been nagging at me for years is that this site has been incomplete for so long, and I want to finish them up just as badly as y'all want to read everything.

Also, look for a new editorial at some point in the next month or so. If anyone who has been here thinks that I'm not going to make any sort of mention here about my thoughts about the handling of the manga re-release, then you are crazy. While some of my thoughts can be seen scattered around the internet, wait until y'all see when I collect them into one place with many other aspects I've thus far kept to myself. I hope y'all will enjoy it as some of my other ones.

Adding to the nice randomness of this update, a friend of mine made an award for here which is pretty awesome.

And to end off this update, we have a new affiliate here. Please welcome Isshou-ni.net not only to the affiliates section, but also to the internet in general. This site came online just over a month ago, and shows some interesting takes on the relationship between Usagi and Mamoru. It's filled with lots of other random goodies that I'm sure you'd find enjoyable! ^_^

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