Our Wonderful Awards

Well well well! It looks like some of you like the site so much that you'd go out of your way to make awards for us! How nice! *SMILE* The best part is that we didn't apply for any of them! You guys love us so much that you just give them to us! *wipes tear from eye* Here are the wonderful awards that we've collected so far.

(03/15/12) - A friend of mine has enjoyed this site for a long time before we even met, and made this bad-ass award. Thanks Akubarix!

(06/14/01) - Another award! *cough* Unfortunately I misplaced the email that the creator of this award sent me! *sweat drop* E-mail me, oh wise creator of this wonderful award! ~_^

(05/30/01) - Wow, a lot of you really _DO_ love us! This award was given to us by Sailor C. Anyways, we thank the owner of the site a lot for giving us this award! Click here to view their site.

(05/25/01) - ChibiChibi, from ChibiChibi's World of Sailor Moon, was so kind to give us this award. She has a really neat site, so go and visit it. Thanks so much! The award means a lot to us!

(04/13/01) - Lauren, from Sailor Moon Mayhem, was nice enough to give us not one, but TWO awards! Apparently our site is hypnotizingly good _AND_ fun and informative! How flattering! I'm so happy I might just wet myself. *blush*

(03/18/01) - This wonderful award was given to us by someone who....Well, let's just say they don't like to do laundry. It's our first award and we are very proud of it! Thank you miscellaneous person who doesn't like to do laundry! We salute you!