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September 12th, 2010 Dan - Episode 48 posted, affiliate code added

Today we continue our journey through the dubbing process of Sailor Moon R, for episode 48 has been posted for your reading pleasure. And I am overjoyed that it wasn't half as bad as the previous episode was. My two screens played side by side for minutes without anything at one point, I shed tears of joy.

Also, as I bring SMU to the present, I've added code for site affiliates. Apparently people have been doing this sort of thing for years to give each other more exposure, and I've lived under a rock. So welcome to last decade for me. The first two sites we're doing this with is Miss Dream, a Sailor Moon translation site that's grown so much in the less than year it's been online who I'm also good friends with some of the staff there, as well as Family of Moonlight, mentioned here previously showcasing the fans of the Sailor Moon community.

It feels good to be in the swing of things again. Now to catch up on other things around here as time goes on.

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