48 "Aito seigi yue! Sailor Senshi fukkatsu"
(For Love & Justice! The Sailor Senshi Again)
42 "So You Want To Be In Pictures" 95-11-23

Usagi found Mamoru on the street and clung to him, calling to him by his name. He was shocked that she knew his name and was weirded out. Natsumi soon noticed him from across the road and tried to cross the street to get to him. Scared, he broke free of Usagi and ran off to work. Later she would return home where the cats were discussing if they should awaken the other senshi. Usagi told them to let them enjoy their lives, that she will take care of enemy attacks. At a TV station, producers were looking at pictures scouting for a role in a show. The girls scouted were Naru and each of the senshi minus Usagi. Ail and An decided to make them their next target and took over the station. All of them went into the audition where Ail and An summoned the Cardian Minotauron to steal their energy. Usagi, who was turned away when she went to support Naru, got lost in the station on her way out and was told to go in from Luna. She transformed into Sailor Moon and battled the Cardian, but was overwhelmed. The senshi had some memories return as they watched Moon battle, and Luna decided to revive them. Now back in their senshi forms, they defeated the Cardian, and reunited at Rei's shrine later on, acting as they always do. Usagi says all that needs to be done now is restore Mamoru's memory.

This was an enjoyable episode in both versions. All the emotions that were supposed to be there were there, it was barely touched, and for an important episode nonetheless. Kudos. Could've had less Valley Girl talk, but oh well.

I am mixed on the quality of the script for this episode. I believe the translation from Japanese to English was done rather well, all the emotions and plot elements were left untouched for the most part. I guess I could say the translation from English to Valley Girl was also a good translation, but unnecessary. I would give this episode's script an A+ if not for the excessive 90s slang. But even with that second translation, nothing was lost and it was much better than the previous episode by far.

The MotD is originally named Minotauron, shortened to Minotaur in the dub.

While there is no clear VotD for this episode as the targets are the inner senshi and Naru, there is something interesting to be noted. They are all trying out for a drama to play the role of Mikan Shiratori's little sister. Mikan was the VotD in episode 7. In that episode of the dub, she is given the name Saffron. In this episode, her name is Perry Ladd Smith. Why this happened I have no clue, granted we only actually see her on screen for a few seconds, but it is clearly the same person. Bravo DiC. *claps*

The pre-episode preview is back to its normal status, with the same animation used accompanied by a digital frame wrapped around it.

The shot of the shopping district main building is replaced with a shot of the city that I don't currently know the origin of.

The flashback ripple effect is used as Usagi recalls her memories of herself and Prince Endymion from the past.

(4 seconds) The last shot of Usagi clinging on to Mamoru's arm is cut short before Natsumi appears.

(1 second) Snippets during Natsumi crossing the street Frogger style.

It's interesting to note that no mirror effect was used during this entire street scene.

(8 seconds) As we see Mamoru escape, there was a shot of Usagi looking on wondering happily where he works, as well as a view of him running away down the street. The dub picks up after this run down the road, just before Natsumi grabs Usagi's arm.

There was a diagonal digital wipe used to transition to Natsumi's daydream.

In Natsumi's daydream, the part where she spins is sped up slightly.

(5 seconds) The end part of Natsumi's daydream is cut, where we would normally see Mamoru get pummeled by many Cupid arrows.

While it was good to see that the hilarious look on Usagi's face wasn't cut, it was sadly hardly visible as a tiara digital bump was used covering it up.

(6 seconds) The cats' conversation is cut short slightly before Usagi enters her room.

(16 seconds) As Usagi falls to the floor, a good chunk of the conversation is cut short. In this cut there were some pretty funny facial expressions all around.

So that Cardian digital bump I was impressed with the last episode? The one I had kind of hoped would change with each new Cardian? Well, my somewhat hopeless hope with that has been crushes, as it's the same one recycled.

(1 second) The camera pan up the building where Ail and An live is still there, but the bottom of this pan with the sign is cut.

Here's another replaced shot for the hell of it. Originally we see the side of the TV station building before the scene fades to a door and zooms in on it. Instead we are given a different city shot but the exact same effect used to the door zoom in. The zoom in started closer, probably to accommodate for the changed still shot. It's things like this that really make me wonder what the thought process was during the dubbing process.

This is where the script drifted off slightly. Besides giving a character a second name in the dub, the TV staff were a lot more critical over the girls that the scouter found. So they said to hold a general audition. This is a dumb change because if it was a general audition because they weren't impressed with the initial selection, why would Usagi later be turned away and only those five be let in? Apparently the second translation threw logic out the window for this one.

(2 seconds) Snippets as Ail and An take over the studio.

(10 seconds) The conversation with Naru and Usagi at school is cut short. Namely, the part where Naru tells Usagi she's worried it might be something strange since weird things happen with her a lot. Which is true, I'm not sure why DiC decided to cut this fact out twice now this season.

(2 seconds) Before we see Usagi in her quick daydream shot, a giant circle with the kana for "Pass" inside of it stamps over her face. This is cut.

However the shot of her in the gown and sash remains (as does the kana on the sash), but a digital frame is added around this. At this point I'm assuming DiC get's more money for each special effect they add. -_-;;

The same shot of the TV station building is replaced with the same shot of the city from earlier.

(3 seconds) The camera pan down the audition sign is fully cut. Yet when the camera zooms out to Usagi and the guard talking, it's shown in it's kana filled glory.

(11 seconds) Ail relished in the sounds of the girls screaming longer than we saw in the dub.

Rei uses Akuryo Taisen here to try to stop the monster. Previously when this was used, DiC decided to name this "Mars Fireball Charge," even though this technique has nothing to do with her senshi powers. Here it was handled much better, with Raye saying she'll try using a charm. So yeah, it's not perfect, but it's the next best thing, it was handled well here.

"They fight against evil even when they're not warriors!" ~Luna

Now that was a great line to hear, very happy they went with the word "warriors" here.

(1 second) Before Natsumi entered Mikan's room, the door was on the screen for about a second before she arrived at the door.

Normally, we would see the camera zoom in on the door before we see the shot of Natsumi looking over a weakened Mikan. However, instead of that zoom in shot or even a cut, we see a still shot of Luna with a shocked look on her face from elsewhere in the episode. Just completely random and so obvious. This makes no sense not only because of the obvious, but also Luna nor anyone else goes to that room.

This episode is revealed to be an "I'll punish you" episode, proven by the good English script. Once again it's a shame that we had a second 90s slang translation done as well, but most everything was kept quite well.

"Luna Mind Meld" makes its return here, thankfully with all the senshi revived this will be the last time we have to hear this line.

The flashback ripple effect is used again as the senshi regain their memories.

Alright, this is just infuriating. After an entire season and the previous episode of avoiding the "Make Up" part of the transformations, which included cuts, I don't see any logic that was used here. In the original, we the senshi say "X Power" individually where X equals their planet, and after all 4 say it, there is a shot of all of them on the screen to say "Make Up" in unison. Overall, a cool effect.

So naturally, I was expecting this group shot to be cut. Instead, during each of the "X Power" segments, they said "X power Transform!" For all 4 of these. If that wasn't painful enough, the group shot remained, and in unison they all yelled, "Scout Power!"

I am completely lost here.

In the group shot mentioned above, there were black bars between each of the senshi pictures. The dub made these bars pink. Yep.

JAotD: Jupiter Thunder Crash

(3 seconds) Before the Cardian died, it burned for a few seconds longer originally.

The gate to Rei's shrine is still shown with the kana intact.

Originally the drama production was canceled because Mikan was hospitalized due to exhaustion. In the dub they said the producers and directors had that happen to them. Yeah, it's nitpicky, but considering we actually saw Mikan drained of energy and not the others, it's an unneeded change.

"Fighting the Negaverse, that's the ticket, huh scouts?" ~Lita

Alright, let's tear this apart. First, none of the senshi were that excited to do battle again but were happy to have their memories again. Second, it's not the damn Negaverse. Third, I hate the term scouts for the senshi. Especially after they said warrior twice in this episode.

The digital fill to a pink background with moons and start is nothing new. However originally the episode had a blank pink fill that ended with a rabbit shape around Usagi's face before it faded out. The cool effect was already there, why could they have not just used it?

Total Retained 81%

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