7 "Usagi hansei! Star no michiha kibishii"
(Usagi Reflects! The Road to Stardom is Severe)
4 "So You Want To Be A Superstar" 95-9-14

Mikan Shiratori is the next new "big thing". Everyone in school seems to think she is the coolest thing since sliced bread, thus, everyone at school wants to be just like her. Everyone starts training to become a superstar just like Mikan. Jadeite and the Dark Kingdom take advantage of this fact and use it against the people of Tokyo. They send a youma who steals Mikan's figure and encourages everyone to try out for a talent show. Everyone is put under the youma's spell and they all begin to fiercely train for the competition. Usagi notices this and decides to check out the talent show. There, she and Luna realize that "Mikan" is actually a youma. A fight ensues and Sailor Moon eventually defeats the youma with Tuxedo Mask's help. Everything returns to normal and peace once again returns.

Pretty boring episode, made even worse by DiC. The fact that they added in a lot of stupid lines didn't help much either.....

I don't really have much to say either. I don't like how their own invented terms for Queen Metallia and the Dark Kingdom get swapped often starting with this episode as noted below. I know I sure as hell was confused my first time or two watching through the dub. I did like how they added in a music cue though. Sure, it wasn't there in the orginal, but I think it was a nice little touch to the episode.

I really wish they hadn't replaced something as important as Queen Metallia with the "Negaforce". Sure, Queen Metallia isn't an actual "person" (in terms of her form), but she's important in the sense that she's behind the Dark Kingdom and Beryl's corruption. DiC makes it sound like Beryl is naturally evil, whereas in the original she was corrupted by Queen Metallia. This episode starts the horrid "wicked cool" era >.<;

Script = Bad. That's all I really have to say about that. Much like all dubbed episodes before this episode, it seems like the writers were given a 1 paragraph description of the episode and told to take it from there.

Mikan Shiratori (My spelling might be wrong for that last name since I can't ready my own handwriting *sweat drop*) does not retain her name. Her name in the dub is instead, "Saffron".

There's lots of use of the term "Negaforce" and "Negaverse". Now, officially, it goes like this:

Queen Metallia = Negaforce
Dark Kingdom = Negaverse

However, they seem to mix these two terms up a lot.....You would think they would keep track of their own invented terms.

(30 seconds) Opening Usagi segment is cut. Surprise Surprise.

(8 seconds) When Usagi is running to school in the beginning of the episode, Usagi stops to look at a poster of Mikan. It then zooms in on the poster. Unfortunately for the poster, it had lots of Japanese writing on it, so thus, it was cut.

  • Bottom of the poster
  • Top of the poster
  • I don't know if I've mentioned this before so if I have, oh well.

    A shot of the front on Jyuban Junior High was taken, edited, and remade to say "Crossroads Junior High School". Thus, whenever DiC needs a shot of the front of the school, it just uses this one.

    (3 seconds) A shot of Umino holding up a poster of Mikan is cut. There was writing on it so that was probably why it was cut.

  • Umino holding up the poster
  • Now, the shot I was talking about above was not totally gotten rid of. We still see Melvin hold up the poster but instead, it is replaced with a shot of the poster we saw earlier in the episode (the one Usagi was looking at) to hide any trace of Japanese origin. Thus with the slicing and dicing, 3 seconds ended up being chopped away.

  • Editted down poster
  • (6 seconds) When Umino whips out his laptop and starts typing away, we get a chance to see his screen. There's Japanese writing all over it, thus, it's cut.

  • Umino's laptop screen
  • (3 seconds) We see Mikan signing autographs at a building. A shot of the building that this is taking place at is cut.

  • TVA building
  • (3 seconds) After we see Jadeite at the building mentioned above, we see Jadeite turn and leave. This whole "Turning and leaving" business is cut. Yeah, how dare he. Stupid Jadeite...I've been offended. No one "turns and leaves" me and gets away with it *grumble mutter whine*

    A Rather big scene alteration here. Directly after the cut mentioned above, the scene is supposed to change to Usagi and Naru in Usagi's bedroom practicing to become superstars. Instead, in the dub we see Queen Beryl and Jadeite talking about their plan to collect energy. Nothing like this happened in the original. Why they felt they needed to "add this in" is beyond me.

    Yes, welcome back, Stupid Dialogue Alert! We've missed you so. While basically the whole episode's script (and every episode that came before this one) was horrible and stupid, they never really contained any single line that was too incredibly stupid. Luckily though, I've found one! Serena says this to Molly while they are rehearsing to become superstars:

    "Alright! That's a wicked cool idea!"

    Wi-cked? Ok, seriously, no one has used that in nearly 10 years! Take into account though that these episodes came out in 95....But still, I don't think anyone used that term then either...Except for extremely blonde (no offense to blondes, I'm blonde too so you can't get mad) valley girls (I live in a valley too so no complainin' there either).

    A shot of a sign that says something along the lines of "Usagi's Room - Do Not Enter" is replaced with a shot of Usagi's radio. Why was this made? Duh! NON-ENGLISH WRITING!! Damn those evil Japanese people and their "Funny symbols". Man!! What's their problem!?!?

  • The sign
  • (7 seconds) In the scene inside Mikan's apartment, there's a close-up of some flowers that Mikan has received from fans. We then see the bathroom and a silhouette of Mikan in the shower behind the curtain. The close-up shot of the flowers and the full-body silhouette is cut.

  • Flowers
  • Full-body silhouette
  • (3 seconds) After the youma takes Mikan's body, in the original she laughs longer.

    In the dub, when all the "Evil Laughter" mentioned above occurs, the screen goes dark around her eyes. This did not happen in the original. After the commercial, however, when they recap the last few seconds of what happened before the commercial, the scene is how it should be.

  • Yay for unneeded special effects
  • (3 seconds) Before we see Jadeite rounding up volunteers for the Talent Show, there's a shot of the building/tent thingy where the show is happening. The building shot is cut.

    Serena drops this bomb on us when talking about the talent show -

    "This contest is going to be major boss, Luna!"

    Boss? Now, I know for a fact that my English teacher last year said that that was "the term" back when she was in High School.....In the 60s.....Thirty years later, DiC still seems to think that term is "in".....Riiiiiiiight....

    (5 seconds) After the Usagi/Mamoru encounter, the scene cuts back to the talent show. We see two girls telling a joke on stage. What you don't see is one girl holding up a pair of red polkadot panties to illustrate their joke.....Not that dub watchers would care since the dub joke was TOTALLY different than the original.

  • The panties
  • (2 seconds) The shot of Umino/Naru on stage singing is cut a little. The beginning part of the shot is snipped down by 2 seconds.

    (2 seconds) When we see Naru signing autographs and in the dub, Molly says "Can't.....Busy", a cut occurs. It occurs between when Molly says "Can't" and "Busy". In between there's supposed to be a shot of Naru's autograph in Kanji. This is cut, however the transition is so seamless that you would think that it was originally all part of the same scene.

  • Naru's autograph
  • (12 seconds) After everyone throws their streamers in class, one hits Umino right in the face. This is cut (it can been seen in the Sailor Says segment, however). The scene then changes to outside where Umino and Naru are performing for a crowd of students. The beginning of this scene is cut, thus adding up to 12 seconds of cut....ness.....or whatever....

  • Umino getting nailed
  • Still in the same scene as above (Where Umino and Naru are performing for the students). Originally we see the students starting to argue over who's gonna win the talent show, then we see Usagi and Luna, however, the order is reversed in the dub for who knows why....Maybe the scene editor person just got bored....

    (2 seconds) After the 2nd dub commercial, there's a shot of a building (where the talent show is being held) and then a shot of the sign of the building. All this is cut.

  • The building
  • The sign
  • During the Talent Show part of the episode, the song "I Wanna Be a Star" is played from the CD, "Sailor Moon - Songs From the Hit TV Show". A fairly catch pop song. Originally no song was played during this part of the episode.

    (3 seconds) A shot of girl-Umino talking to Naru is cut.

  • Umino in drag
  • (2 seconds) A close up of the stamp that is on everyone's hand that is stealing energy is cut. This cut occurs when everyone is on stage performing at the same time.

  • The stamp
  • (3 seconds) A shot of youma-Mikan sitting down before she starts to steal everyone's energy is cut.

    (3 seconds) A shot of a silhouette of Jadeite from the front, stealing energy.

  • Evil hand
  • When Sailor Moon is avoiding the youma, she turns to the camera and says to the viewing audience -

    "If you see Luna, tell her I could use her help right about now!"

    Oh geez! And here I thought this only happened on "Blues Clues". Oy, unfortunately, the animation worked perfect for this line...So they HAD to throw it in. Originally, Usagi was just talking to herself. Not to the millions of children in Japan.....*faints*

    Moon Tiara Action, which in the dub is SUPPOSED to be "Moon Tiara Magic", is called "Moon Tiara Vaporize". Ummm........ok.......

    (1 second) When Luna tells Serena to start studying in the dub, there's a short snippet.

    Total Retained 50%

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