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Well, as most of you have probably seen, we have an Anti-SOS button on our page. I have gotten many e-mails asking me why we have this Anti-SOS button, since "The SOS were the ones who saved Sailor Moon In North America!" This simply isn't the case.

The fact of the matter is that SOS has lied countless times and continues to lie to this day! This page is here so that we can log everything that the SOS says or does that is ridiculous. Please keep in mind that this log was started on 9/24/00. Everything the SOS has done before that date will not be valid in this log. We will only mark things that the SOS has done after 9/24/00 (but there will be a few exceptions).

05/19/04 - The glaring mistake that I pointed out last time has been fixed on the SOS page. It now just states "(Yes, Luna becomes a senshi in PGSM and is played by a little girl.)"

I don't know why they fixed it, if they found it themselves, if someone read this article, or if someone read something posted elswhere, but I'm glad that it's been fixed. Kudos to SOS.

Now, on another note, I accidently stumbled across this that was posted in the SOS comments page a few months back...

We expect the box sets to definitely be cheaper than buying the DVDs individually. While we expect no extras we hope that Pioneer does fix some of the problems fans complained about (number one seems to be the missing versions of the main title on S episodes). For more information on the problems visit Sailormoon Uncensored at:


(Even though they hate us we love them anyway! * * * Kisses!)

.......................BAHHHAHAHAHAH!!!! Oh man. I can't help at cracking up at that. That's just too dang cute.

Well, thank you SOS. It's good to know that you love us.

But hey, didn't you read our article on disliking vs. hating? We don't hate you! We really don't! *shifty eyes*

05/04/04 - After years of flying below the radar, SOS has made another ridiculously idiotic article. Now, usually I would comment and point out each and everything wrong with the article, but I'm not going to. Want to know why? Because of this quote at the bottom.

These events bring our campaign to a close. It will be up to a new group of fans to help Sailor Moon in the future; or perhaps no group will be necessary? Sometime in the weeks ahead we plan to say our thanks on this site and hope these files will remain on a webserver for as long as possible. We hope to restore 2 old servers (dau & pei) which have some early, important files, in the near future but they probably won't last for long.

Thank goodness. Finally. We no longer have to listen to their blasphemy. They're closing down. Gone. Forever. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

But for that matter, 'It will be up to a new group of fans to help Sailor Moon in the future.' Say what? You mean there was a group previous that 'helped' Sailor Moon? Oh, they were referring to themselves.

*total dead silence*



Right. And I'm Britney Spears. Hit me baby, one more time.

For that matter though, I do have to fix one GLARING mistake. This isn't actually on their "Total Eclipse" article, but rather on a sub-article of the above talking about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. On this page are all the animated GIFs of the senshi's transformations.

(Yes, Luna becomes a senshi in PGSM and is played by a little girl since that was the age of the character in the original Japanese anime.)

What the? Last time I checked, both in the anime and manga, when Luna changed into a human she had a very ADULT form. Boobs and everything. If anybody has any information to suggest that Luna is the same age as the girls, please show me, cause I don't believe it exists, and we can chalk this up to another instance of "Prince Uranus". Oh well.

I do still plan to go through that article and point out everything wrong with it, but that will have to wait until after finals. After that, I'm happy to report that I can officially retire this section, as it is complete. Until then!

10/15/02 - SOS posted an article today about the new North American Sailor Moon CD (which, btw, SMU was the first to report on...erh...at least I think so...).

Well, for starters, you would THINK that if SOS was an organization SO in touch with the companies involved in Sailor Moon, they would have been able to report this WELL before we did....That didn't happen, did it? *watches as SOS' credibility goes further down the drain*

While that's all fine and dandy, what really prompted this update was a bit of inaccurate information posted on their page. Again, and this is supposed to be a highly reputable Sailor Moon news source, or so they claim. Anyway, here's the excerpt.

In 1997, they were treated with another release from the same label called "Lunarock". The songs from this release were never used in the series, but years later when the movies were dubbed, such songs as "The Power of Love" , and "Nothing at All" would be used. The extra added bonus to this CD was the release of two songs from the Japanese Series, "Moonlight Densetsu" and the epic fight song, "Ai No Senshi". Along with the lyrics to all the English songs, the booklet also featured interesting facts about the Japanese Songs. These songs were produced for the final 17 episodes of "Sailor Moon - R" and since there were not enough of them for a CD an additional 2 tracks of original Japanese songs were added.

Now here's what's wrong with this statement. The songs from this release WERE used in the series. "The Power of Love" was used in English Episode 81, and "Who Do You Think You Are" was used in English Episode 82. Then, a few sentences later, they virtually contradict their own statement ("The songs from this release were never used in the series") when they say, "These songs were produced for the final 17 episodes of 'Sailor Moon - R'". Ok, so which is it? Were these songs not used until the movies, or were they used in SMR? Make up your minds already! Who wrote this? A fifth grader? -_-;; Tiff, please tell these people how to write accurate articles! >_<

08/16/02 - SOS recently posted an article entitled "Fake E-mails from 'Cloverway'".

Sailor Moon Uncensored is currently researching into the validity of their claim, and if we are able to find anything out we will DEFINITELY let you guys know. So, until we find something out for certain, we're not going to criticize SOS about claiming that e-mail address is fake. However, there is one comment we do not take kindly to...

Several different emails have been appearing on the Internet over recent weeks with the supposedly valid return address of <[email protected]>. These emails have been posted on websites or were received by individuals and then posted elsewhere. It is not known if these websites or individuals were responsible for these fraudulent emails or honestly believed that they were in successful correspondence with Cloverway.

Now if you scroll down further, you'll be given a link leading here, saying that this is the e-mail they were talking about. Now, if you see, this is the E-mail that was posted on one of our favorite SM sites, The Sailor Senshi Page, an excellent SM resource which has ALWAYS posted honest and accurate information.

So now, put two and two together, and we have the SOS insinuating that sweet lil' Jackie is behind the so-called "fraudulent e-mails". *scoff* Whatever. That urks me that they have the nerve to first diss Toonzone, then diss the SSP. Grr. I'll just post what Jackie had to say on her webpage about the accusation...

SOS'S VERY "SLY" ACCUSATIONS: It's rather funny. SOS, of all websites, has accused me of making up, inventing, and fabricating the Cloverway e-mail below. In other words, they're calling me a liar. <sarcasm> Because, you know, I'm just that bored. I have absolutely no life whatsoever; I sit around here all day thinking about fake stories to post. </sarcasm> This site has been up for over six years, and not once have I ever deliberately put up false information. Some news has turned out to be incorrect, mostly since it was speculation to begin with. For the record, SOS has willfully lied to and deceived its visitors; anyone remember Prince Uranus? Anyway, the IP address in the e-mail resolves to Cloverway's servers, so as far as I can tell, Cloverway, not anyone else, sent me the e-mail. Perhaps Cloverway was hacked, just so someone could e-mail me that message, or maybe a disgruntled Cloverway employee decided to spread mischief. Cloverway, feel free to contact me if the e-mail is indeed false. Or SOS can tell Cloverway, since it claims to be on such good terms with the company. It's ironic that SOS never once states how it knows so much about Cloverway thinks or how it contacts the company. Are we to just assume that because SOS said Cloverway said something, it must be true? It sure seems like it; oh wait, they've never actually backed themselves up on their fake stories, have they? Not that I care what SOS thinks, but their accusations and libel are sickening. The lies they spew are that- lies. I'm not going to play stupid games with them just to boost their pathetic egos and make them feel like they've done something worthwhile. I just run a fan site for a series that I love; sadly, SOS doesn't seem to have the same sentiments (if it ever did anyway). Take your power trips and popularity contests elsewhere.

I think that pretty much sums it up, don't you think?

08/06/02 - In the SOS's latest article, "Dropped!? Here's why - and how to fix it!", the SOS takes some rather cheap shots at toonzone.net. Here is what was said....

"...We've linked rating periods to the Toonzone site which has posted press releases with the published ratings from the Cartoon Network. We've selected Toonzone this time in the hope that they would start analyzing claims made by such companies or cease to post them. (But maybe they don't dare since AOL Time/Warner has paid them money to put advertising on their pages.)... "

A member of toonzone.net e-mailed us rather upset at what the SOS had said. This is what that member had to say about the SOS's accusations and assumptions.

"Now, considering we pride ourselves as a site "for the fans, by the fans", you might see how this is a huge kick to the... stomach. It's way too vague to be accurate and it implies something that is not true.

What the statement implies is that we accepted money from AOL-TW prior to, or for placing banner ads on our site. No way. Never. ::buzzer sound:: Wrong.

First, we have relationships with the ABC Cable Group (ABC Family, Toon Disney, Disney Channel), The WB Television Network (Kids' WB!), and Nickelodeon, among others. We are also working on strengthening our relationship with 4Kids Entertainment (Fox Box) and ABC Kids. While we love working with the guys and gals at WB and CN, it is a part of what we do and not all we report.

Second, let me explain how those banner ads work. WBShop.com is an affiliate program, much like Amazon.com. The ads are there, but it guarantees us nothing.

Here's how we make money:
If someone clicks through the ad, buys something and manages to not return it, then we make a small, tiny profit.

A more accurate statement would be that we make money when visitors kindly purchase things from WBShop.com and Amazon.com through the links we provide. It's a small amount, but thanks to these people we are able to put it towards some of our large monthly bill.

So, have we made money off of sales of their merchandise through their online store? Yes. Have we received money from them for advertising? No. We have never received a dime from AOL-Time Warner prior to, or after for the placement of ads.

A single reading of the Terms of Service for WBShop.com's affiliate based program would have told them this. Or heck, they could've asked us and we'd have told them directly and also referred them to documents online that back(ed) our stance."

While I agree with the SOS that the Cartoon Network's press releases are misleading, taking a cheap shot at Toonzone.net was totally uncalled for. It is _NOT_ toonzone's responsibility to analyze press releases CN makes. Like the Toonzone staffer said, WB and CN are only a small part of what they report on. By making the statements the SOS made, they are giving Toonzone a very unwelcome and unfair "bad rap".

In such a well written article that brings up very good points about Cartoon Network and the show Hamtaro (which, BTW, SOS keeps misspelling "Hamutaro"), the criticism of toonzone.net was totally out of place. It, unfortunately, brought the credibility of this very good article down and brings it to the level of...other SOS articles. If anyone from the SOS is reading this, it would be in your best interest to remove the comments about toonzone.net, and while you're at it, it's "Hamtaro", not "Hamutaro". (BTW - Let me explain my justification for saying Hamutaro is misspelled. SOS is referring to the English version of the show throughout the article, not the Japanese. The English version is called "Hamtaro" not "Hamutaro". It'd be the same for other shows, take Cardcaptors. If you say Cardcaptors, you should be talking about the dub, if you say Card Captor Sakura, you should be talking about the original version. Same goes for Hamtaro. Hamtaro is the english, Hamutaro is the original. I hope that clears things up ^^;)

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