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 Anti-Moon Chase posted April 25th, 2011
So Moon Chase hasn't posted articles that raise an eyebrow with claims that usually would fuel this section, and this is a good thing. However, some comments on their facebook page made by either them or people who feel the need to report any negative thing said about them to them (I think I'll refer to these people as their crusaders from now on), have caught my attention. I'm not banned from viewing their facebook page, but I expect that soon after this article going online that they will make it so only people who like the page can see anything posted on it. So I'm going to enjoy this small window of time where I can easily access this page, and blur out all names and pictures not signed by Moon Chase.

facebook screencap #1

This blurb I was actually going to ignore initially since it started out not dealing with false claims and such that would normally spark a reaction from me. But then someone felt the need to mention me, which I find hilarious. So I guess I won't ignore it after all.

  • While I can't deny the fact that they keep in good communication with voice actors, and will even say they bring a good point in that companies won't say outright if they deal with outside groups of people or not, I do question if these e-mails and phone calls supposedly exist. Not Moon Chase calling and e-mailing companies, I believe that they do. I'm talking about more of any sort of responses from companies from which they base their news. It just feels fishy that some supposed news is reported on Moon Chase and nowhere else, whereas published news can sometimes take some time for them to get online, and I will have more on that later.

  • I like how this one guy states he says he's not with Sailor Moon Uncensored. No shit. There are only three people on staff here at SMU, and as of this typing I am the only active one. There is no "war" and no "sides" or anything. I have personal opinions about Moon Chase, and want to share my opinions on here as to why I disagree with some of their content and views. That's it. No one else is involved with this site, I have no "army" of any sort nor do I want one. If people enjoy this section, great, if not, no big deal. Hell, I don't even talk about this section on other sites. The closest I came to even sharing my opinion on Moon Chase outside of here is one forum post stating that I stopped taking news with no source on fansites as gospel before the turn of the century. I will admit that a couple people have volunteered to make screen captures for me should my viewing of Moon Chase be hindered further in the future, but right now I don't need that so I politely declined for the time being. Others have linked it, but on their own accord. The most involvement that anyone besides me will have here, will be if Bob and/or Tiff decide to add to this section on their own, no one else. Or screencaps submitted by others keeping me up to date should my access to the site truly be taken away. I still think it's ridiculous for a site that prides itself on reporting news to ban people from viewing said news. Banning people from commenting, fine, but actually seeing the news? Come on.

  • I'm also amused by the misconception about SMU's involvement in the podcast mentioned. If you're going to badmouth SMU and/or the people on here, at least get the facts right. A quick look at the site where this podcast was posted, and it's clearly seen it was put online in August 2010 (by the way, how is an eight month old audio file considered new?). I wasn't even involved in this other site until their podcast in December 2010, and didn't join their staff until just over a month ago. I'm fine with taking criticism, but at least make sure your information is correct so your stance holds water. I'll even give Moon Chase props right here since they stated there will always be criticism, and since I put up this section, they've been good with handling it, at least from what's viewable publicly.

  • And this guy mentioning that I made one of the comments on Moon Chase's blog is just absolutely precious. I made that information known myself before I opened this section, and after I opened this section. I even said outright which one was mine. And this is what I feel led to my ban, but I obviously don't know this for a fact.

    facebook screencap #2

    So there was an article on about.com that had a short interview with someone from Kodansha USA, that pretty much confirmed everything I had assumed about the release from the PR and item postings with descriptions, the only new information from that in my opinion being that there will be a lack of stickers for our release. Someone was nice enough to inform Moon Chase of this and linked it on their facebook page for them. And I have to chuckle some at Moon Chase's response. For a group who supposedly has constant communication with companies as they themselves claim, you would think that this information that the interview provided would have already been well known by them, and that an article with such information would have already been online. Yet they claim that the person there hadn't gotten back to them yet. Once again, I believe that they reached out to Kodansha USA with questions, and them saying right there that a response has not been received makes me feel that my claims that they don't have as good connections with companies as they say hold even more water.

    facebook screencap #3

    This weekend at Anime Boston, Funimation stated that the Sailor Moon license is currently unavailable. Moon Chase commented that we might be further down the line since it's happening gradually. I think I made my feelings known in my last article about how it's ridiculous to even have a thought of a revival taking place at the same time worldwide. I'll just add that I would like to see proof of any IP launching (or relaunching) simultaneously everywhere in the world. If someone can give me such proof, I will gladly take back my comments on how thinking that such a feat is impossible. My beef with this screencap is one person hoping he didn't cause it. Who are you, and what could you have possibly done to impact big decisions like this at a big company in Toei? It's a ridiculous claim, and more ridiculous that Moon Chase said they took care of those rumors. Did I happen to miss some rumors somewhere? Anyway, then the guy decides to say that he hopes SMU didn't cause this. What? How does this site have anything to do with anything in regards to official Sailor Moon business? The closest this site comes to that is posting news that can be confirmed by official sources. No one here has ever claimed to be involved with any companies (closest was an interview we were able to do early in SMU's life), and in my editorial filled with my hopes for a revival here, I clearly state that I'm not involved with any companies and that the entire piece is my opinion. If you don't like this site and/or my opinions that I post here, that's fine, I don't expect everyone that comes here to just agree with everything that's said here. But there's no need to spread rumors of things that clearly don't exist here. Read this editorial Bob wrote in April 2002 about disliking versus hating. You are turning your dislike for here into blind hatred. We here at SMU are dislikers, not haters. I don't hate Moon Chase, I dislike a fair amount of what they do. I will end this article quoting from near the end of the linked editorial:

    "But is it wrong to dislike us? As I said above, no way. We know our site [SMU] is not perfect. Me [Bob] and Dan have been talking recently about how there are a lot of mistakes, inaccuracies, and outdated facts at the site that we've been trying to weed out. If you have a reason to, dislike us all you want, however, being a hater is much different. If you hate us, please have a reason to before joining the crowd, it'll do us all a favor ~_^."

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