Quick Encounter with Stephanie Beard

I knew that the voice for Rini worked for a radio station up in Toronto and went under the alias as "Suga Bay Bee", so I decided to stop by at the stations webpage to see what I could find. I came across her e-mail address and decided to drop her a line.

Subj: "KISS 92 FM Mail for Suga Bay Bee"
Date: 08/02/2000 9:50:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time

O.o;;; Umm, i'm just gonna ignore the title to this e-mail.....ehehhehe.........

ANYWAY, I know that you're the voice for "Rini" in the S and SuperS seasons of Sailor Moon, and I'd like to ask a few questions about your work on the show.

First off, lemme say that I am a HUGE fan of the original Japanese version of Sailor Moon ("oh geez, here we go..........." is probably what you're thinking ~_^). I'm HIGHLY CRITICAL of the dub. HIGHLY. Infact, i'm probably the WORST purist out there. But lemme say this, Your voice is the ABSOLUTE MOST PERFECT VOICE for Chibi-Usa (Rini in the dub). Optimum productions has made some PRETTY bad choices for dub voices (I wont mention names), but they finally struck gold when they picked you. I quote my friend Tiff when she first heard your voice for Rini "Oh My God! I'm getting blasted with kawaiiness!!! (cuteness)". Anyway, moving on.

First question, how did you get involved with Sailor Moon? Aside from Rini, what other rolls did you play (if any) and do you have any other roles at Optimum productions aside from that?

Second, just about ANYONE who has watched the S season can tell that they're were MOUNTAINS of inconsistencies. Did you or anyone else at optimum notice that the scripts you were getting from Cloverway were inconsistent on a day to day basis? As in Uranus and Neptune's transformations going from "Uranus Star Power" to "Uranus Planet Power" daily. And how about the time that you had to yell out "Mini Prism Power!" instead of "Moon Prism Power" like you should have? Didn't you think that was....a bit odd?

Third, do you know Janice Sonski? If you do, does she work for Optimum? Man....would I like to get my hands around her neck...*cough* oh! What am I saying! Ehem......Anyway, she's NOT POPULAR at all with the Sailor Moon fanbase, since she's the one responsible for all the inconsistencies (or at least that's the major belief).

(Basically after this I was doing a lot of self promotion for the site, I wont bore you guys! ~_^)

Thanks for reading this LONG e-mail, and I give you my thanks in advance if you write back! THANKS A LOT!


Well, less than 24 hours later, she had written back. She hadn't given me much of an answer to ANY of my questions, but hey! That doesn't matter! She wrote back! I was excited enough just seeing the reply in my mailbox.


Subj: Re: "KISS 92 FM Mail for Suga Bay Bee"
Date: 08/03/2000 5:31:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time

You never left your name! Listen, i really appreciate your love and support! I've actually never done anything with optimum previous to this... i love it! i'm only 18... so my experience isn't very crazy. I think i know Janice, but i'm not too sure. We don't really see much of the other characters, we do each seperatly. The episode are getting really intresting! I used to watch Sailor a long time ago.. but i never realized how complex it is! Incredible stuff! It's so nice to be accepted by the "die hard" sailor moon community. I was a little nervous.. :)

It's all love!

That was the end of our conversation. As far as my questions went, it was pretty obvious she didn't know who Janice Sonski was (since she's not a voice actor), she completely avoided talking about the inconsistencies, and didn't give much insight to Optimum Productions, but all in all, I was happy that she was considerate enough to even GIVE ME a response, so I tip my hat to you, Stephanie! You're a sweet heart and I wouldn't mind exchanging e-mails in the future with you.

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