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 Anti-Moon Chase posted April 2nd, 2011
So here's the first article in the new section, the revival of Anti-SOS re-purposed for what appears to be SOS 2.0, Moon Chase. Since my rant at the beginning of the month had its second half directed at them, I'm going to just copy and paste that part of my rant here. I'm not going to bother editing it, consider that half of my rant the official launch of this new section! The joke mentioned below is an April Fool's Day joke that was done by Miss Dream that they posted on their site, stating Funimation had acquired the anime and Miss Dream was doing the translation. The first half was my response to the fans in general, the second half is in response to Moon Chase as is follows:

To add, moving to a different subject still dealing with the joke but away from the people, it would appear a group of people is claiming the joke went too far due to how the fake PR was worded. And even go on as to claim that they are assisting Funimation in taking action. So let's bring back some memories and have a modern day Anti-SOS-like mini rant here (only by me this time and not Bob), that I guess could also be considered a semi-extension of an editorial I wrote last year. Fun all around! Let me tear this part by making a few points:

1) If Funimation, Kodansha, or any other potential company, felt that what was done was over the line, I very highly doubt they would enlist the help of a small fansite. They are big companies with their own legal teams to do their work, and could easily find and contact those associated with that joke. It only takes a quick Google search to find the original site it was posted on, and from there their legal teams can easily obtain the necessary information to contact whoever they need to. Them using a fansite to do such a thing is a joke, and what makes this even funnier, is the fact that one of the criticisms of the fake PR was the mention of Funimation teaming with the Miss Dream fansite. Contradiction much?

2) Curious to Funimation's thoughts, I posted on their facebook page under a link someone had posted to the fake PR. I mentioned my association with Miss Dream (I am a part of their staff even though I had minimal involvement in the joke, I just knew it was happening), and outright asked if the company had an issue with it, and requested to be contacted if they did so we could make amends. Funimation does watch and respond to comments there, as of yet I have not gotten a response. I will update if I do.

3) I also went to Funimation's forums. I found a thread where the fake PR was linked and quoted. All that happened was a moderator locking the thread when the day changed from the 1st to the 2nd.

So yeah, I'm done for now.

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