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August 11th, 2011 Dan - Sailor Moon Midnight release party announced!

As I'm sure most of you are aware, next month is when the Sailor Moon manga comes back to this side of the ocean in its redone form with updated images and a brand-new, more accurate translation, as well as the first time release for Sailor V. It's a very exciting period of time for Sailor Moon fans everywhere, with new merchandise starting to be released on top of this. So what can make this even more exciting? A midnight release celebration.

Thankfully, Comicopia in Boston, MA, has figured this out, and plans to do just that. They just learned yesterday (I believe) that they are able to do a midnight, so exact details are scarce being that they haven't had much time to do more than say it's on. It is awesome to see that a store is putting on such an event which I'm sure will be quite the enjoyable experience. ^_^

Since I don't anticipate any places in my area doing anything, I'm planning to trek there with some friends and meet other friends in that area to have one hell of a night. Yes, I am crazy and have come to terms with this. =P If you're in the Boston area (or within a distance you feel worth traveling), I highly suggest going down to Comicopia to celebrate the start of the second coming of Sailor Moon!

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