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August 6th, 2011 Dan - 11th Anniversary and Otakon summary

Happy 11th Anniversary to SMU today! My how time flies! It's hard to believe that it has been 11 years since we opened up shop here at Sailor Moon Uncensored. We started this as a project we hoped people would enjoy about a month before I started my senior year of high school, and here we are today as one of the most popular and known Sailor Moon sites in the summer where I celebrate my 10 year high school reunion. What a crazy ride. @_@;; ^_^ As much as I would love to have content to add to the site, I do not today. Comparisons are still on hold until I can stop failing and regain stability in my life, a quest that has taken much longer than anticipated. Not helping is a failing laptop, which I have no idea when I can even get to taking care of. Until the stars line themselves up for me again in the future, all I can really do is what I have been doing and write various articles as I have done through this year. I have a couple I plan to write in the coming weeks, one expected for those who converse in the facebook page, one not so much that I'm hoping will be an interesting editorial. I hope that anything I'm able to to will be of interest to y'all as I attempt to position myself in a place where I can add to the main section of the site in the comparisons.

And to those who have e-mailed/messaged/whatever me in the past couple months or so, I'm not ignoring you so please don't think that I am. I'm going to get back to y'all in the near future, thank you in advance for your patience.

Also thank you to those who I managed to see at Otakon last weekend in making it a really fun time. As I said I would, I rocked out one of the new Sailor Moon shirts, cut and affixed to an actual men's shirt in my outing. For laughs, I decorated the back of my badge to see if it would get a reaction. =P (It didn't) I traveled with my friends Elly and James, and met up with Yoshimoon, KrisRix, and Sakky in various points during the weekend. Yoshi and I were able to get a couple group pics in: one with Elly and KrisRix here; and one with Sakky here. How was the Sailor Moon block of the internet run with all of us on one place?! XD It was great being able to meet up with a lot of people again. I also managed to get my original complete Final Fantasy VI SFC box signed by Nobou Uematsu, and Yoshi and I were able to withstand the crowd to see the new Fullmetal Alchemist movie, which had only premiered in Japanese theaters for a few weeks prior and is still there today. And when I say we withstood the crowd, I really mean he withstood it as I clung to his bookbag for dear life. ^^;;; I love that Otakon is getting some really awesome events such as the two I just mentioned, but damn, they utterly underestimated just how big these would be and were completely unprepared. I'm actually considering working my way up the staff ranks to not repeat that failure (and possibly abuse the system to ensure Yoshi's Sailor Moon panel never gets denied again XD ), but I'm too back and forth on it, plus I still need to get much more important things in line first. We'll see what happens. In any case, outside the huge "lines" to deal with, it was a great weekend. ^_^

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