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June 27th, 2011 Dan - Random stuff

I saw this a few days ago and posted it on the facebook page, but apparently forgot to mention it here. Oops. ^^;;; In any case, while this site, as well as many other Sailor Moon sites, have (or will soon) celebrated 10 years of being online, the inspiration for this site has actually now been officially closed for 10 years. That site, of course, being Dragon Ball Z Uncensored. In honor of this milestone, the person currently hosting the site decided to try to get an interview with webmaster, Chris Psaros. He was successful, and the interview is online here for those curious to see what Chris has been up to all of these years, and his feelings on DBZ as a whole in the period of time he's been away. It's a good read, highly recommended.

Also, for those who care, last time I hinted that I was possibly going to go to Otakon, taking place the last weekend of July in Baltimore, MD. Well I am happy to say that plans for this are final, my hotel is booked and paid for and I've been granted the days off for it. So if anyone is interested in seeing me there, just look for the ginger with "MarioKnight" written on his badge, most likely staying in the game room and travelling between various panels. Who knows? It's not often I stay in the same place for too long. XD Sadly there is no Sailor Moon specific panel at Otakon, so I'm still waiting to see when the day comes where I will actually be behind the table in one rather than an observer. In any case, I am looking forward to that weekend, and maybe I'll catch some of y'all there! ^_^

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