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April 16th, 2011 Dan - New section!

I know things have been slow since I have been unable to do comparisons, which means I need to find ways to entertain you loyal visitors. I've been aiding in entertaining from afar, but I need to do something here in my home site. And I have decided to somewhat bring back an old SMU tradition. Today, I'm reviving and upgrading Anti-SOS to make similar comments for SOS 2.0, Moon Chase.

As you'll see in the intro on the brand new Anti-Moon Chase page, they show signs of being he next evolution of SOS after its closing. I was slightly ambiguious in my last update in the second half of my rant (which is the initial article for the new section), but it's time to just flat out say that was to them, especially after they actually banned me from even viewing the site. Can't make this shit up. So I figure just as we did for SOS years ago, I will now start calling them out on bullshit as I see needed. Y'all enjoyed it years ago, I hope I can entertain you as much as Bob did with the Anti-SOS section. ^_^

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