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March 8th, 2011 Dan - SMR movie in the theater; Con announcement

Got an interesting news article today. Thanks to Brad for the heads up on this. We may not have a license for an English Sailor Moon yet, but people in the Atlanta area will have a chance to see the Sailor Moon R movie in a theater! Go to the news article for more details as well as a link to the site to get tickets.

I had been waiting to have something to update before saying this, where I sadly have to announce that comparisons are officially on hiatus. I was able to start them up this past summer and keep up a decent pace, however things in my life took an interesting turn near the end of 2010. I'll provide more details later on as I get things worked out, but for right now, essentially I'm failing at life and am unable to actually do comparisons until a few things come together. I didn't anticipate going this long, but I feel that things will be turning around soon.

I'm confident enough I'll at least have a job again fairly soon, and am planning to go to Animazement this Memorial Day weekend with some friends. (If I'm wrong obviously I won't be going, but I don't see me having that issue for much longer) I'm looking forward to enjoying a con with friends and seeing people I don't normally get to see, and would love to meet more people too! I have been asked to be a panelist for Lilly-chan's Sailor Moon panel alongside with her, as well as Elly and James of Miss Dream, Sakura, and possibly more. If anyone else here is planning to go to the con, please stop by! When the schedule is finalized I'll let y'all know exactly when and where the panel will be. For those of you who can't make it, coverage of the panel will be on Family of Moonlight not long after it, and hopefully we'll have a live stream set up for it. We'll see as more get's put together. Also, Lilly-chan is asking for donations for prizes that will be awarded during the course of the panel (yes, we give away free shit!), so if you have fanart or something you'd be willing to donate, please click here for any information regarding prize donations.

I hope I can get various things worked out to start comparisons fairly soon, I do apologize for there being yet another break, and thank you for your patience.

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