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January 22nd, 2011 Dan - New editorial: my hopes for a revival

A North American revival of Sailor Moon has been rumored since last spring, when Toei decided to start selling international licenses of the franchise again. As of yet, there has been no actual news on this, but that hasn't stopped people from their own speculation. I have been asked by a few people what my thoughts of what I think should happen, be good choices, etc. I've always stayed in the basic stance of who I feel should get it and that it is a matter of time until someone gets the license. Well, to help kill some time and keep my mind off of other things, I decided to sit down and really think about how I would like to see things done from every angle I could think of. I tried to tackle things that I haven't seen discussed elsewhere as well as the obvious points of discussion that is essentially everywhere. So if anyone is curious on every aspect that I want to see in a franchise revival of Sailor Moon here in North America, read my new editorial. I hope I've covered everything that's on y'all's minds, and also hope that this can be used as a frame of reference for companies who plan to head the possible revival.

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