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December 5th, 2010 Dan - New coverart archive added

While I don't have a new comparison for everyone's enjoyment, I do have a nifty surprise that manifested itself upon me recently. last week, I had the chance to purchase the entirety of the Buena Vista VHS release catalog. Normally acquisitions such as this aren't worth mentioning, however this is for two reasons. One, there is no artwork here on SMU for these releases. Two, thanks to the usage of a scanner from my friends over at Miss Dream when we had some Christmas festivities over the weekend, this has now been fixed. ^_^

For those of you who might be wondering how Buena Vista was able to release any of Sailor Moon on VHS, there was a period of time where DiC was owned by Disney. About a couple years after DiC did dubbed its initial 65 episodes, someone in one of these two companies decided to release a handful of episodes on VHS, releasing six volumes that were all from the first season. A few years later, they decided to release the entire Doom Tree saga in one box, containing four VHSs. Now, we can all enjoy the hilarity of some of the most interesting coverart in Sailor Moon history. One of my favorite finds is at least one incorrect screenshot in an episode description on the back of one of the boxes. See if you can find it. =P

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