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September 21st, 2010 Dan - Editorial addition, comparison plans, new affiliate

I realized at work earlier that I possibly forgot one important thing for the editorial from this past Sunday. I checked this when I got home not long ago and saw this was sadly true. If you have read it already, it shouldn't be hard to spot (hint: it's the chat dialog and the paragraph before and after that), and if you haven't read it already, I suggest you do so. I know I said when I posted the last update on the SMU facebook page that people who are easily offended probably shouldn't read it. Well, I take back that statement, as people who are easily offended are very likely the ones who need to read that the most. My intentions of that giant rant really is not meant to be a giant insult to a large group of people, it is a call to use common sense, as well as a call to challenge unfounded information floating around on the internet. Maybe some of the comments in there are somewhat rash and demeaning, but I've been an avid user of the internet for a few years shy of 20 years and am sick of seeing the same bullshit over and over again. So I wrote that piece to do my part in hopes that a decrease of all of that will occur, idealistically I'd like to see it gone completely, but I know that's too much.

Onto other things. I will have another comparison up sometime this weekend. Though compared to the nothing of some years the one comparison every other weekend looks amazing, I'm not satisfied by that slow pace any more than all of you. I mention this because in about a month or so, this has a good chance of changing. Around the SMOC prior to comparisons being done again, I had told people to get me a TV so I can have two in my room and start them again. While no one then offered to send me one, suggestions were made on how I can do them with what I have access to, and obviously I eventually tried it out and it worked better than I thought. Thankfully, next month in like the middle or end of it, I will finally have a second TV in here being given to me by my girlfriend after she goes and picks is up from her folks' place out of state around then. This is great for two reasons, first off I will be able to see more being able to sit further back in my room, saving some time in general as I go through them. Second, the big one, is that I can type notes on my laptop as I go as it's not a screen, saving a huge amount of time in not having to write anything down, more so in the fact editing my notes on screen is worlds faster than reading my horrible writing and typing everything into the database. This TV means the time it takes me to do a comparison is almost cut in half.

Now I can't promise that this means more per update, mostly due to the chance of shit-tastic episodes like 47 popping up, but it makes multiple comparison updates much more possible. The weekend I did the last batch of Classic episodes was hell, but they deserved to be done in one shot after so damned long. I would like to not have to go too far into 2011 to be done, and that will help big time. Obviously plans are prone to change, I just wanted to mention it because I feel really good about it.

Another thing I feel good about is adding Moon Sticks as an SMU affiliate today. One, because these comics are just completely awesome and hilarious. Two, because it was an affiliation request from this site months ago that made me wonder what she meant, which led to be climbing out from under the rock to figure it out and start doing it. This site is a must visit on my list, if you haven't yet, you should now.

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