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August 23rd, 2010 Dan - Episode 47 comparison add-ons

Alrighty, in the mass shit-fest that was episode 47, there's actually MORE that was not in the comparison originally. So to save time for everyone who has already read the comparison, here's a breakdown of what has been added. First off, things I actually wrote down but missed when adding the comparison to the database, noticed by forum user Gamer8585:

* The dub and original had slightly different flute melodies played. Not a big deal really, it's still the same instrument used.
* In the original, Ail played a different melody while summoning a Cardian. The dub uses the same for everything.

And stuff I missed altogether. I blame this part on not doing episode 46's comparison myself, and part for not reviewing it prior to this episode knowing there were two recaps. These were noticed by forum user RattleMan.

* In the opening narrative, during the Beryl battle, Moon correctly uses "Moon Prism Power" in the dub. In the battle itself the previous episode, "Cosmic Moon Power" was used.
* In the sequence where Luna gives Usagi her memories back, all the scenes of Endymion that were cut in the previous episode were left in the memory sequence in this episode.

And now, I can hopefully put episode 47 to rest. Now that I have made this statement twice in less than 24 hours, I'm almost expecting a tape from 1995 with the pilot version to show up at my doorstep to ensure I am never done. @[email protected];

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