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 This Season in Review
Another season, another review. I guess that's how the wheels turn.......or...something....

Apparently learning from the mistakes of the Sailor Moon S dub, Optimum and Cloverway put together a better season than the last. There were far less inconsistencies and more of the scripts were intact. Of course, you could also attribute this to the fact that there wasn't much that they COULD change in the season, considering it's mostly filler. Of course, something that they went rather light on in the last season came back (to our utter dismay) - Horrible horrible slang.

The use of out of place and out of style slang was used throughout the entire SuperS season. One episode in particular, "Kickin' It Into High Gear", had so much horrible slang in the first five minutes that I about died right there in front of the TV. I don't know whose idea it was to add this "hip lingo", but they need to be beaten with an ugly stick.

Ahh, but let's not forget about the infamous sex changes. As I'm sure you're all aware, Fish Eye was originally male but was changed to a female in the Cloverway/Optimum dub. Personally, I was expecting this and wasn't suprised nor shocked. I mean, honestly, if you seriously thought that they would broadcast SuperS with Fish Eye as a male, you must be drunk. I'm sorry to say, but in this day and age, it wouldn't happen. But unfortunately, Fish Eye was not the only character to suffer a sex change. To almost everyone's shock, Optimum/Cloverway felt it was necessary to change Zirconia (originally a female) to a male! This completely shocked me. Zirconia is no less controversial as a male as she was as a female. In fact, Zirconia isn't controversial at all! By changing Zirconia from a female to a male, it only helped to ruin one very important aspect to the show, which will be explained in future episode comparisons.

Then we have the writers. The same two the wrote the S season return for the SuperS season and one new one is introduced. So thus, we have an assembly of a "good writer", a "mediocre writer", and a "very bad writer". Fortunately, this season it appeared as if they glanced over each other's scripts to form SOME type of continuity......That is at least up until the appearance of the Amazoness Quartet....Then...I'm not so sure....

But with all things put aside, the season turned out ok. The voice acting compared to last season has improved TREMENDOUSLY, and it is a rarity that the voices blast out the music anymore, a rather frequent occurrence in the S season. But even though I'm acknowledging that Cloverway/Optimum improved since the last season, I wouldn't dare let them touch Stars with a 20-foot clown pole.

 Season Summary
Chibi-usa has a strange yet pleasent dream one night. She hears her name being called. She gets up, and walks towards the voice. She ends up in a forest with a lake in the middle, and a horse appears, and then her princess dress appears on her. She pets the horse, whose name is Pegasus. After a short time, he says he must go and that Chibi-usa tells no one of their meeting. Usagi is then waking Chibi-usa up and to get ready to go. She wonders if that was really a dream that she had.

The two meet up with everyone else, where thay talk about the solar eclipse which is about to occur. A few minutes later, the sun and moon lined up and it became pitch black. During this short period of time, a giant circus tent appeared in the middle of the city. When the light came back, no one saw the new tent and just went back to their everyday lives.

Inside the tent, many monsters, called lemures, were fooling around, speaking of how no one even noticed the tent. Zircona, who appeared to be the leader, told everyone to stop fooling around and summoned the Amazon Trio. The trio appeared to be three humans with powers as the lemures had. Their names are Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Fish Eye. Their mission was to find Pegasus by going through the dream mirrors of those with beautiful dreams.

Tiger's Eye sets out first. He finds his target and takes the dream mirror out of them. Just as he is about to look into the mirror, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon come to fight him. Tiger's Eye calls a lemures to deal with them, as he looks in the mirror, only to not find Pegasus. He then leaves and instructs the lemures to finish off the senshi as well as the mirror keeper. They fight the lemures, only to find that their attacks were useless. But all of a sudden, Pegasus appears and powers up the two senshi to Super form, and their weapons upgraded as well. With this power, Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon were able to defeat the lemures. Soon after, their weapons returned to normal and they were back to their normal senshi form as well. Pegasus then flies away, saying to call him if they ever need help. Later that day, Pegasus appears to Chibi-usa and gives her the Stallion Stable so they could always talk to each other whenever they wanted.

This happening took place once more, where Pegasus appeared to help the senshi. However the next time, he permanently upgraded their brooches and weapons. They could now stay being Super without help and they could use their weapons to call upon Pegasus and use his power to fight the enemies.

The battles between the senshi and and Amazon Trio occured often, and the senshi were always victorious, and the trio never able to capture Pegasus through people's dreams and traps set up for when he would come to help the senshi. One time, however, Fish Eye made a smart move. When he called upon his lemures, just as Chibi Moon called Pegasus, Fish Eye made a force field around them, causing Pegasus to be trapped out. The inner senshi came in time to see this, but were powerless to do anything about it. Pegasus offered them some of his power so they could be powered up to the Super level, as Moon and Chibi Moon were. They were skeptical in trusting him though, due to the fake Pegasus that the Trio sent out earilier to wreck havoc on the town. Pegasus tried to ram through the force field to help Moon and Chibi Moon. Chibi Moon was begging the inners to accept his offer. After seeing Chibi Moon beg and Pegasus not able to do anything, they accepted Pegasus' offer and he powered them up to Super. Being powered up, the inners were able to destroy the field, allowing Pegasus to aid Moon and Chibi Moon to defeat the lemures.

After many failures by the Amazon Trio, Queen Nehelenia, the queen of darkness and the new moon, appeared holographically in front of the trio and Zirconia. She told the trio that if they didn't succeed by the time the next moon rose, that the spell put on them would wear off. She then left. The trio was confused and asked Zirconia about it. She told them that they would turn to their orginal forms if they failed again. She metioned them to turn around and look in the mirror to see, and they were shocked by what their true forms were. They left, hoping to succeed and be able to stay in their human forms. It is about then when Fish Eye realizes that none of the trio have dreams by trying to take out Tiger's Eye dream mirror, which never appeared. He then set off for the next target, feeling a bit sad knowing he had no dreams.

When the trio went to prepare for their next target, Zirconia is talking to four shadowy figures, tossing around some sort of ball. The ask if they can break it, but Zirconia tells them to wait, that it's not time to yet.

Fish Eye set out for the next target, Mamoru. He tries to attract him in a disguise of a girl, but fails. He askes him why he picks Usagi over any other girl, and he states that it's because she has beautiful dreams. Fish Eye then turns to his normal self and takes out his mirror, but like the others, Pegasus wasn't in it, and the senshi defeated his lemures. After some time goes by, Fish Eye, back to his girl disguise, is found sitting on a bench in the rain. Usagi, thinking it's that girl from earilier, sees him and brings him to her house to give him some food and to stay dry. When he walks around the house after Usagi leaves her room for a bit, by accident he sees Chibi-usa talking to Pegasus! He knew then that Chibi-usa was the host, and came to the realization that they were Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon. He did nothing then, but decided to wait until a bit later.

Later, the other two of the trio, who were given the ball from earilier from Zirconia, who told them of the great power in the ball and that their mission depended on it, went to look through Usagi's mirror. Fish Eye tried to explain to them that she wasn't the host and to not try and who she really was, but they still did. Suddenly, a lemures appeared, looked through the mirror, and saw no Pegasus. The trio asked who this was, and he said he was sent by Zirconia to dispose of unecessary things, and broke Usagi's mirror, and she fell over, dead. He then began to attack the trio. They then state that they wanted to find Peagasus to be able to stay human. They use the ball to put Usagi's dream mirror back together, bringing her back to life. The tell her to transform to Sailor Moon. The ball breaks and they fall to the ground. The inners then show up and the lemures is defeated. Sailor Moon then asks Fish Eye why he helped them, and he said that he envys that she has beautiful dreams. She realizes that Fish Eye is that girl from earilier, and then the trio is turned back to their orginal forms, a tiger, a hawk, and a fish. Pegasus turnes them back to humans and gives them dream mirrors, making them fully human. He then brings them to his world to stay until it's safe again.

It's now time for the next ones on line, the Amazoness Quartet, who were those shadowy figures from before, to take over the mission. Their names were Cere-Cere, Jun-Jun, Ves-Ves, and Palla-Palla. They learn from Zirconia that Pegasus' influence on a dream is so great, that the host's dream mirror would be golden in color, so they wouldn't have to look through all the mirrors, and could check so many at a time. However, they weren't as apt to go do their jobs like the trio was, and when they were in a mood to, they would argue of who would take on the next task. Like the trio, the quartet had hard times with the senshi. Making things worse for them, the inners had mastered new, stronger attacks.

After many failed attempts by the quartet, who had been defeated by the senshi as the trio always was, Palla-Palla takes advantage of Moon and Chibi Moon arguing about how each would like to be the other's age, and did excatly that, changed their ages. The new, teenage, Chibi Moon called Pegasus like normal, but he wouldn't appear. The inners then show up, and Palla-Palla retreats. Usagi and Chibi-usa, in their new ages, stay at Mamoru's apartment for the night to think things through, and Chibi-usa began to like her new body. As they slept, Chibi-usa hears her name being called, and she follows the voice into the forest, and finds Pegasus. He says he couldn't find her, that the light of her dream faded away. He tells her of the Golden Crystal, and of the New Moon looking for it. He explains that he was captured by Nehelenia. While tied up, he saw a light of a beautiful dream, had his spirit turn into Pegasus, and flew towards that light, where he met Chibi-usa for the first time. However, since the spell from Palla-Palla had Chibi-usa fufill her dream, he could no longer find the light of her dream. He begs her to get her dream back. She runs to him, and turns back to a child as she does. She closes her eyes, and for a short moment, pegasus turns to his human form, Elios, and kisses her. She sees this form, then wakes up to Usagi back to her normal self, still in Chibi-usa's clothing, causing her to toss and turn.

A few days later, Nehelenia grows impatient of being unable to come to the normal world, and casts a spell on it so it's covered by darkness with cobwebs and making it easier to find Pegasus. The senshi discover that the circus tent is the source of all the power. They get ready to go inside, but Mamoru starts to suffer from pain. Pegasus tells the senshi that it's not time to attack yet. They bring Mamoru to his apartment to have him get some rest. As they leave to plan, Elios appears to prince Endymion in a dream, and explains that he is ill because his planet is choking from the darkness and he is feeling the effects. He also explains the importance of the Golden Crystal and tells him where it is, on his head.

Usagi goes to check on Mamoru before they all go to the tent, and he explains everything to her. She promises that she will save his planet, and leaves. The senshi go to the tent, and are given a pathway in. They go in, and battle the Amazoness Quartet, who retreat after a short while. Zirconia then introduces herself to the senshi, and reveals that Chibi Moon is the holder of the golden mirror. Chibi Moon is then captured. Nehelenia then speaks with Chibi Moon, but whats going on as her back is turned? The quartet changes Chibi Moon with a life-size Chibi Moon doll, so they can have and play with pegasus by themselves. As they try to play with him, a fire suddenly appears around him. Chibi Moon wakes up and runs through the fire to save him, and the fire goes away. However, Nehelenia notices what happened and takes back Chibi Moon and pegasus tries to escape, but fails. He is forced back to his human body that is still tied up, and Nehelenia takes the Golden Crystal, and also traps the quartet in mirrors so they can no longer interfere.

Nehelenia appears before the senshi with the Golden Crystal. However, the quartet were able to escape their prisons. They hid in the background, thinking of what they could do. They discovered that they had some magic left, and using it, they were able to swtich the Golden Crystal with a pineapple without Nehelenia noticing. Once Nehelenia finishes talking, she tries to finish the senshi off, only to find that she has a pineapple instead of the Golden Crystal. The quartet gives the Golden Crystal to the senshi, and then Nehelenia tries to take the quartet's power to use it for herself. They decide after a while to destroy the balls that were given to them which gave them their magic, so that the senshi could have a chance of winning, and they run away. Now with the Golden Crystal, Sailor Moon tries to use its power to destroy Nehelenia, but is unable to awake its power. Chibi Moon goes to the crystal, and begs to everyone on the world for their power, by saying "Moon Crisis Power." Soon, everyone in the world begins chanting, and the power of the Golden Crystal begins to destroy Nehelenia.

After the blast, Nehelenia realizes she has failed and that it's time for her to be trapped in a curse where she can keep her beauty but remain isolated from everyone. She picks up Chibi Moon, and walks off to a huge chunk of land, which begins to rise. Sailor moon gives chase and is able to climb onto the giant rock heading for the sky. She finds Nehelenia with Chibi Moon on the top. Nehelenia explains to Sailor Moon what is to happen, and tells her since her dream is over, she will make Sailor Moon's a nightmare, and throws Sailor Chibi Moon off. Sailor Moon tells Nehelenia that she feels sorry for her, and jumps off to try to save Chibi Moon. As she falls, she catches up to her, and transforms into her princess form. She catches up with her and holds on to her, trying to wake her up so they can be saved. After a long while, she wakes up, and Pegasus catches them both and flies them to safety.

Now that all is well, everyone says their thanks and goodbyes to Elios. Chibi-usa is sad that he must go, and doesn't want him to. However, he kisses her goodbye, and tells her that they will meet again someday.

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