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 This Season in Review
Now that the S season has finished airing, I'll give you my review of it.

The S season started off strong, with the first two episodes delighting the hell out of me. It was looking promising, all until SMS episode 4 (Japanese episode 93) aired. That is when I KNEW that the S season wouldn't be all that I had hoped for. The S season had it's very high points but also some EXTREMELY low points.

Among the high points was Sailor Moon ACTUALLY referring to herself as "The Pretty Sailor Soldier of love and Justice" in one episode, and then doing it agian in another. DiC not ONCE referred to the Sailor Soldiers as the "Pretty Soldiers" as they were known in Japan, so when I heard her say "I am the pretty Sailor Soldier", I just about wet myself. Another plus was the Japanese Background Music. No longer would scenes be wasted because of DiC's synthesized crap! Hooray! The absence of the well despised "Sailor Says" segment also added to the joy of the moment. When Hotaru's name was kept for the English version was a big stepping stone in Sailor Moon. It meant that not every character had to be renamed. I was extremely excited by the move to keep Hotaru's name. But along with all this good, there came one extremely big "bad".

This "bad" can be summed up in one word, inconsistant. The ENTIRE S season is COMPLETELY INCONSISTANT from one episode to the next. Attack names would CONSTANTLY change back and forth, along with transformation phrases. Throughout the entire S season, Sparkling Wide Pressure was usually called "Sparkling Wide Pressure", but there were occasions that it was called "Jupiter Thunder Power" and "Supreme Thunder Crash". Venus's "Love-Me Chain" also got many names, fluctuating from "Venus Love Chain Encirlce", to "Venus Love Chain Whip", "Venus Love Chain Harness", and sometimes just "Venus Love Chain". Important terms in the series were commonly referred to as different things. In the beggining, the daimons were reffered to as "Heart Snatchers", "Heart Theifs", "Daimons", and countless other things. Kaolinite was constantly being called "Kaori" and "Kaori Knight" which had to have confused some people (it sure as hell confused me). The Sacred Cup was called the "Purity Force" and then later the "Purity Chalice", and I don't even think that I can name all the things that they called the "Messiah" early in the season before they decided on the term "Soveirgn" more than halfway through the season. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto's transfomations constantly changed from "Star Power" to "Planet Power", and their attacks would sometimes have their planet name in front of it and sometimes not (I.E- Sometimes it would be "Uranus World Shaking" and sometimes just "World Shaking"), and let's not forget the infamous "Mini Prism Power". In the last few episodes, a "Trasform" was added to Sailor Moon's transformation phrase for no apparent reason or explanation, and then suddenly removed in the last two episode, more than likely confusing fans. Look at the size of this list, and I'm not even getting into the inconsitencies WITHIN the actual dialogue!!

If this is any sign of what's to come for SS, I'd be fairly wary. If they can keep up what they're doing and remove all the inconsitencies, then SS will turn out wonderfully. If not, be sure to be confused kids.......

 Season Summary
The war with the Death Phantom is now over. The Sailor Soldiers can now relax and enjoy their normal, peaceful lives once again. But wait! Isn't it almost time for the High School Entrance Exams? It's time for the Soldiers to study ever harder now, since these exams determine what High School you go to and that there's nothing to distract them.

Or is there? Rei seems to be having one bad dream. This dream shows the oncoming silence to our world and the horror and total destruction it brings. A great beam of light splits to three, then all three fade away in the distance, despite Rei calling out to them.

This is when Rei wakes up to Usagi's snoring, and the vision ends. This leaves Rei worried though. What could this mean? Rei tries to figure out this vision, but feels nothing. As she leaves the temple, she is attacked by some sort of monster! The other Soldiers find and save her. This monster manages to tie them to trees before they can even transform, as well as break the transformation brooch of Sailor Moon! This monster than attacks Rei with a black beam, and a crystal appears, the crystal of her pure heart.

Just as there seems to be no hope, two bursts of energy come flying toward the monster and defeats it in an instant. The soldiers check on Rei now that they are free to see if she's alright, while the two mysterious soldiers check out the pure heart, find it as of no use to them, toss it back, and leave.

Usagi is worried about not being able to be a soldier anymore, with the light of the Silver Crystal fading away, causing her to not be able to transform into Sailor Moon. She tries to transform when another monster appears, but fails and really wishes to be able to help. She stays by Mamoru's side during the battle, refusing to leave and save herself. Then a beam of light appears, bringing the two to the Moon Kingdom, where they receive the legendary Spiral Heart Moon Rod and a new brooch with an enhanced Silver Crystal. With these new tools, Sailor Moon could transform and defeats the monster.

These monsters are known as Daimons, which are made with the Eggs of Daimon that Professor Tomoe creates. Tomoe is trying to bring the Silence to the earth and obtain the Sacred Cup to have supreme power. This cup can be obtained by collecting the three Talismans, where it will appear when the Talismans are brought to the same place and holds great power, the most in the universe it's said.

Later, we find out that these two mysterious soldiers, are Sailor Soldiers as well. Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are very different from their inner counterparts. Unlike the inners, the outers' mission is to find the Talismans and obtain the Sacred Cup to find the Messiah, and save the world from the silence. The outers refuse to work with the inners because they feel they are weak, are a burden, and can't handle the fact that people must be sacrificed for the good of the universe.

And who is this pink haired soldier that appears? Chibiusa comes back from the future as Sailor Chibi Moon, a soldier in training this time around. What was Neo-Queen Serenity thinking of sending the kawaii spore back to our time? Just because she can't handle her herself.....

Not too long after this, Sailor Pluto makes a suprising visit to earth. It is then revealed that she and the other two outers are the holders of the Talismans. The Sacred Cup finally appears before their eyes and Sailor Moon is the one who gets it, along with a new transformation and attack. The outers are brought to life and Sailor Uranus lets Sailor Moon hold on to the Sacred Cup, for now.

Just as Chibiusa seems to be very alone and unable to meet anyone her age to make friends, she accidentally stumbles upon Tomoe Hotaru, a very pretty girl her age who appears to become weak now and then, but becomes Chibiusa's best friend because neither of the two have friends and have so much fun together.

Something seems strange at her house though. Her caretaker seems to dislike Hotaru to be having lots of fun and away from her training of some sort, but her father thinks it's good for Hotaru to get out with her friend now and then. The caretaker seems to always watch over her, and her father is always busy with his experiments to spend time with her.

Tomoe Hotaru, could her father be Professor Tomoe? Sure enough, it is. And this training he puts his daughter through, is her powers. Her good powers are of the strongest outer senshi, Sailor Saturn. But her dark side of her powers turn her into Mistress 9, the Messiah of Silence. Professor Tomoe want to use her daughter's powers as Mistress 9 to aid him in getting supreme power.

After lots of research and investigating, the inners figure out that Professor Tomoe is the one behind all the trouble and his past. They find out that he was a great scientist and a very nice man. He even provided the money for a high school to be built. It seems strange that this is the same man who is trying to destroy the earth. They also found out that his secret lab is in that high school, and prepare for battle.

A force field was made around the school though, keeping everyone out. After sacrificing herself, Sailor Pluto was able to teleport the outers in. The inners are still trapped outside though. Mistress 9 suddenly appears and chokes Sailor Moon while teleporting inside. The inners notice the force field growing, so they formed a square around it, using their powers to hold it back. Meanwhile, inside Sailor Moon is talking to Mistress 9, trying to get her back to being Hotaru. Mistress 9 talks to Sailor Moon, trying to get the Sacred Cup, which Sailor Moon gives to her for her to heal back. Instead, she runs, going to call the ultimate evil, Pharaoh 90. Once he is called, Mistress 9 goes back to being Hotaru, who then transforms to Sailor Saturn. She tells Sailor Moon to stay back while she finishes off Pharaoh 90. Sailor Moon, knowing Sailor Saturn will die, goes after her.

A short time passes, and a beat up Sailor Moon holding a baby appears. This baby is the reborn Hotaru, who Haruka and Michiru take care of until her father is out of the hospital. Once everything seems to be normal, the remaining two outers challenge Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon wins easily, proving to the outers that she is the Messiah. Sailor Neptune and Uranus then bow to Sailor Moon and leave.

Now with all the trouble gone, it's time for Chibiusa to return to the future. Everyone gives gifts to her to bring to the future, and then she leaves. Soon after, a monster appears, and then suprisingly, Sailor Chibi Moon appears and helps fight it. She brings a note saying she can stay in the present and thanks everyone for the gifts.

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