Sailor Moon R

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 This Season in Review
DiC was the company that dubbed this season as well. About the same quality was put into these episodes as the first season. They did only skip one episode in this season, which was a big step forward from last season.

For just over three years, this season would be incomplete however. Like many syndicated shows, Sailor Moon was licensed for only 65 episodes in North America. This would leave the series at a standstill around two-thirds through the season. In 1998, DiC would finally finish dubbing the series. It had began to see widespread after it landed on the Toonami block on Cartoon Network, which gave DiC enough of a reason to finish the season.

 Season Summary
The first arc of R is what is known as the filler arc. That is, the plotline doesn't happen in the manga but it occurs in the anime so that the manga can get ahead of the anime.

Usagi regains her memories after Luna revives them when a new enemy force shows up to attack Naru. The enemies are Ail and Ann, two aliens who take energy from the humans on Earth to feed the Makaiju, the tree that is their life source. Ail and Ann, lovers, pose as two students, Ginga Seijuurou and Ginga Natsumi, brother and sister, at Juuban Junior High School. The plot becomes strange as Ail falls in love with Usagi and Ann falls for Mamoru.

The other Inner Senshi regain their memories in episode 48 after Luna restores them while the enemy is fighting Sailormoon, but Mamoru still doesn't, much to Usagi's horror. Instead of Tuxedo Kamen, Tsukikage no Knight, a new ally, appears to save the girls. Sailormoon gets her powered-up transformation when her first season powers prove too weak to fight the new threat on Earth, receiving the ginzuishou back in the process. The other Inner Senshi eventually gain powered-up versions of their old attacks.

The Makaiju finally lashes out after being fed so much energy and getting some of Usagi's: it attacks Ail, Ann, Mamoru, and Usagi. This is where Usagi reveals her identity to the aliens, and Mamoru remembers his past when she tries to protect him. The Makaiju reveals its past and that of Ail and Ann, who discover what love is after Ann dies protecting Ail from the tree, and then Sailormoon heals the Makaiju. The Makaiju revives Ann, and then she and Ail then go off into space to start a new life with a Makaiju sapling. Tsukikage no Knight also reveals his true identity as being a part of Mamoru's soul.

In the second arc, Chibi-usa arrives from the future to find the ginzuishou to save her mother, Neo-Queen Serenity, in the 30th century. She stays with Usagi's family having hypnotized them into believing that she is a family member. The new enemies are the Black Moon Family, consisting of the Ayakashi Sisters and the main family members: Rubeus, Esmeraude, Safiru, Demando, and Wiseman. Usagi and Mamoru break up in this arc, thanks to visions Mamoru receives from his future self, King Endymion, warning him that he must stay away from Usagi or else she will die.

The Black Moon family is after Chibi-usa and the ginzuishou in order to take over the future Earth. However, the Ayakashi sisters fail at this task, and they are healed by Sailormoon after they are betrayed by Rubeus. Chibi-usa eventually discovers the Sailor Senshi's identities, and Usagi and Mamoru get back together. Chibi-usa then takes them to the future to save her mother. There, they meet another new senshi, Sailorpluto, the guardian of time.

To make everything shorter, the Sailor Senshi find out that Chibi-usa is the daughter of Usagi and Mamoru in the future. The Black Moon are actually exiles from Crystal Tokyo, the Utopia of the future, which Usagi and Mamoru's future selves are the leader of as Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. The Black Moon desires to take over Earth so that their people may live there. However, they are unknowingly being manipulated by Wiseman, or Death Phantom, for his own purposes. After running away from the Palace upon Sailormoon being unable to awaken her mother, Chibi-usa is kidnapped by Wiseman who warps her mind and causes her to transform into Black Lady. In episode 88, Usagi transforms into Neo-Queen Serenity and with Tuxedo Kamen's help, she manages to get Black Lady to remember her true past. Chibi-usa then discovers that she had the ginzuishou all along (it was sort of absorbed into her), and she and Usagi combine the power of their two ginzuishou to defeat Wiseman.

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