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 This Season in Review
DiC was the initial company to bring Sailor Moon stateside. Unfortunately, they found the original series too objectionable and decided to slice and dice the thing to bits. Not only that, they decided to change many not so objectionable things just for the hell of it. So basically, the story got horribly mangled and sliced down when it came to America.

Luckily for DiC though, they were good at what they did. They did such a good job with their slicing and dicing that it was almost impossible for a large chunk of dub watchers to realize that this show was a chopped up version of another Japanese show. So, they did a good job in that sense, although that's not really an admirable trait.

All in all, I believe 5 episodes were cut from this season and two were merged into one due to "excess violence". DiC also did the R season, thank God they lost control of Sailor Moon after that.....(even though it fell into hands that were just as bad).

 Season Summary
Tsukino Usagi is a 14 year old girl in 8th grade. Just about every day, she gets up way past her alarm clock, and rushes out of the door to try to get to school on time, usually not eating breakfast beforehand. On the way to school one day, she sees three boys teasing a black cat. Usagi scares the boys away from the cat, and notices they put bandages on its forehead, and takes them off, revealing a cresent moon "bald" spot. She then realizes how late she is and runs to school.

Later that day, Usagi is walking home with Naru, talking about the test they got back, which Usagi did very poorly on and threw it, hitting Mamoru, who teases her about dojng so badly. Naru decides to try to cheer Usagi up by bringing her to her mother's jewerley store, which was having a big sale. There were a lot of people there though, so she continued home. When she got home, her mother asked her about her test, saw the paper, and locked her out of the house, letting her in after a while.

When Usagi finally got in the house and in her room, she was very suprised to see that cat from earilier in the day come in the window of her room. She indrouces herself as Luna, and tells Usagi that she is Sailor Moon, the champion of love and justice. Usagi doesn't understand and can't understand how a cat can talk. Luna then gives her a brooch, telling her to use it to transform into Sailor Moon and tells her about the Dark Kingdom. Usagi, however, is impressed with the brooch and hardly hears a word she says. Luna tells her to say "Moon Prisim Power, Make Up!", and not understanding, she does, then seconds later finds herself as Sailor Moon. She is suprised and doesn't know what to do or anything, and then suddenly hears Naru screaming in her mind with her new powers. She quickly runs to the store, and gets there to see a monster, which quickly sees and attacks her. She starts crying and all of a sudden, a rose appears and stuns the monster. She then sees a masked man, who introduces himself as Tuxedo Kamen, who tells Sailor Moon not to cry and defeat the monster. Luna instructs her to use the "Moon Tiara Action" attack, which she does and kills the monster.

These monsters are known as yomuas, which are sent out by the Dark Kingdom to collect energy to revive Queen Metallia, which is pure evil incarnate. The Dark Kingdom is ruled by Queen Beryl, and the lords who do most of the battling, Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite, and Kunzite. Jadeite was the first lord to take on the task of getting energy for the kingdom. As time goes by though, Sailor Moon meets up with two more senshi, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars, whos real identites are Mizuno Ami and Hino Rei. The three senshi make things hard for Jadeite, who is eventually killed by Queen Beryl for failing too much.

Jadeite's job is then taken over by Nephrite. Soon after Nephrite takes over, Beryl remembers the Ginzuishou, a mystical silver crystal. She adds the taks of finding it to Nephrite, knowing that the Dark Kingdom could be invincible with it. While attempting to accomplish, Naru falls in love with Nephrite. Nephrite tries to use her to his advantage hoping she could lead him to the Ginzuishou, but isn't able to. Zoicite then comes along and mocks Nephrite for not being able to accomplish any of his tasks. Eventually, the senshi caught on to this and went after Nephrite. When they got to him and tried to attack him, naru jumped in front of their attacks, causing the senshi to stop their attacks midway to not hit her. She then tells Nephrite to get away and tells the senshi that she loves him and won't let anything happen to him. Nephrite finally feels what love feels like and falls in love with Naru, and turns good. However, Zoicite sent out a youma to get the tratior, which servely injures him. Naru tries to heal the wound, but it's too late to save him. He tells her he loves her and to never forget him, and then fades away.

As Zoicite takes over, Beryl remembers of the seven orginal Dark Kingdom youma, and that they were sealed in seven Rainbow Crystals, therefore giving Zoicite the task of finding the seven Rainbow Crystals, with Kunzite advising him. The senshi learn of this, and enter the "Rainbow Crystal race". About when this "race" starts, the three senshi are soon joined by another senshi, Sailor Jupiter, Kino Makoto. After a while, all the Rainbow Crystals are found and the people who they resided in healed, but they're split between the groups. The senshi, who are trying to get the Ginzuishou and find the Moon Princess with it, Tuxedo Kamen, who is trying to find his princess, and the Dark Kingdom so they can be invincible with the Ginzuishou. At the end of this "race", the final senshi, Sailor Venus, Aino Minako, appears with her cat from the Moon Kingdom like Luna, Artemis.

With all the Rainbow Crystals found, the Dark Kingdom set up a base in a building nearby. Zoicite lures Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen there, but they were as Usagi and Chiba Mamoru, and didn't know each other's identites. When trapped and seems to be no way out, Usagi decides to transform to Sailor Moon to save them. Mamoru is shocked by this, and soon reveals himself as Tuxedo Kamen. Sailor Moon is shocked by this as well, because she and mamoru never got a long real well and now he was someone that she really liked. She decided she could get used to the fact that hes who he is and still like him as much. Zoicite then uses a deadly ice attack to Tuxedo Kamen, which greatly hurts him and almost kills him. Sailor Moon goes to his side crying. As she cries, the seven Rainbow Crystals began to form the Ginzuishou, which places itself on Sailor Moon's wand, and reveals her to be the Moon Princess, Princess Serentity and Mamoru as Prince Endymion, the prince of the Earth, and they both remember their past together. Soon, Zoicite attacks, but now that she has the Ginzuishou, Sailor Moon didn't even feel the attack and attacked him, causing him to run away.

Beryl then summons him and yells at him, getting ready to kill him for his great failure. Kunzite tries to take blame for Zoicite's faults, claiming he didn't teach him patience well, but Beryl refused to listen to him and fatally wounded Zoicite for it to be a warning for failure, then left. Kunzite then began to cry, but Zoicite comforted him, telling him that he just didn't listen, and acted on his own instead. With his last breath, he told Kunzite to never forget him.

Beryl then summoned Kunzite, giving him the task of training Endymion after his memory has been cleared of any past thoughts and giving him dark energy to be evil. Kunzite is less than thrilled with this task, but accepts it nonetheless. During battle with the senshi a few times, Tuxedo Kamen usually acts on his own rather than listening to Kunzite, sometimes causing the two to lose.

After they decide enough is enough, and come very close to healing Mamoru, the senshi begin to search for the Dark Kingdom's base. They go through a cave where they feel lots of negative energy, and eventually run into Kunzite, who puts them in a time warp thing. When the senshi get up, they see an image of Queen Serenity, who brings back all their memories of their past. Memories that include the good times of the Silver Millenium, and the invasion of the Dark Kingdom. They remember that when all seemed to be lost, the Queen used the Ginzuishou to seal the evil away for a long time, and gave Luna and Artemis the task of awaking the senshi if the Dark Kingdom was to ever return. Doing this cost the Queen her life, but she was willing to do it for the future of her daughter and the Moon Kingdom. The senshi then return to where they were before Kunzite attacked them into the time warp with the help of the Queen's power. Using the power of the Ginzuishou, Sailor Moon kills Kunzite. Soon, luna and Artemis appear, telling them they found the base, in the North Pole. They all returned home, to prepare themselves for the battle to finally come.

The next morning, the senshi gather and get ready to teleport to the base. Luna and Artemis apologize for not being able to come and wish them good luck. They teleport, and begin their way to the base. Beryl notices them coming, and summons the DD girls to take care of them. Through tricks and traps, the DD girls were able to kill all the senshi except Sailor Moon, for they were ordered to keep her alive. However, the DD girls lost their lives doing this as well, so they couldn't if they tried. Sailor Moon started crying because she had lost all of her friends, and then their ghosts appeared and comforted her. Feeling better, she went on to the base.

She was escorted on by Beryl's powers, where she taunted her, and then showed her Prince Endymion, who was now full of dark energy. Beryl ordered him to kill her. Sailor Moon refused to attack her lover, and tried to say whatever she could, and use her healing powers to heal him, which had no effect. She was telling him of the times they had together, nothing. She then throws her tiara with the little strength she has left. After a few seconds, he was healed from the dark energy and remembered everything. Beryl couldn't believe what had happened, and was just about to attack her, but Prince Endymion threw a rose right at her with the last of his strength to protect Sailor Moon, and it hit her in the heart. She started to beg for Metallia's great power, which she recieved and disappeared to somewhere close by, having great power.

Sailor Moon went to kiss Endymion, but paused, and said that since the others weren't able to kiss their loves before leaving, that she couldn't have that pleasure, and went on. As she walked towards Beryl, a huge chunk of ice comes at her. It suddenly becomes a mountain, and Princess Serenity appeared on top of it. Beryl focused all her energy and shot it towards her. Princess Serentity then tried to protect herself and over power her with the power of the Ginzuishou. However, it was only enough to protect her and not able to overpower it too much. She then prayed that her friends were with her, and they appeared by her side. They combined all their powers and were able to kill Beryl. As the Ginzuishou destroyed Beryl, she prayed with all her might that her and her friends could lead a normal teenage life, and they died.

The next morning was like any other morning is Usagi's life. She overslept and was running to school. Luna and Artemis talk about how great it was that the senshi were able to defeat the Dark Kingdom, but that now they couldn't remember a thing that happened. They decide that in time, they'll all meet again, naturally this time.

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