Sailor Moon - Songs from the hit TV series CD Review
The CD, Songs From the Hit TV Series, was the first english Sailor Moon CD to come out. It was composed of songs that were used in the first 65 english episodes. It had 9 original songs and two versions of the DiC opening theme. The record was produced under Kid Rhino records. Overall, a pretty cheesy album, but it did have some good songs. If you're into bubble gum pop, then this is the album for you. Definitely not the best album I've heard, but it's by far not the worst. It's worth listening too, and most of the artists who sing on the album can ACTUALLY sing well (with a few exceptions). If you can find it in your local record store and you have some spare change, go ahead and get it, but it's not worth going out of your way to buy it. Sailor Moon English CD Number 1

  • Track 1 - Sailor Moon Theme - Track one is a real killer. It's just the DiC opening theme song. No big suprise here. Usually when this song comes up, I'll just press the forward button and skip it. It's not worth listening to unless YOU ARE REALLY desperate.
  • Track 2 - I Wanna Be A Star! - Wooooh! Let's bring out the synthesizer people! Wow, this song is so full of bubble gum I could blow bubbles. The music sounds so corny and cheesy. I swear, no REAL instruments were used on this song, just a synthesizer and a keyboard. I believe that this song was used in the episode "So you wanna be a superstar?" where a youma is trying to steal everyone's energy by saying that they can all be stars.
  • Track 3 - My Only Love - Now this is a very nice song. This was the song played when "Serena" was found out to be the Moon Princess. This song has a lot of emotion in it, and I actually prefer it over it's japanese counterpart. This song made the scene much more emotional than in the Japanese version, and I must commend DiC for that. Isn't that weird? DiC did something RIGHT......Wow.........Anyway, the song is really worth listening too, although it's a bit short. I would of liked for there to have been another verse, but oh well...
  • Track 4 - Call My Name (And I'll Be There) - Bring the synthesizer back out! We have a winner here, folks! Not only is the music cheesy, the lyrics are just as bad! Not only that, but when I hear the song, I wanna start bobbing my head like a 50's teeny bopper. It just sounds like something out of that era....I don't know......This song was used in the episode in R where Rei was putting on a talent show.
  • Track 5 - Oh Starry Night - This song's melody was originally the same as the wonderful Japanese song "Eien No Melody", of course, instead of using the exact melody, they totally redid it on none other than the wonderful synthesizer. The synthesized music totally ruins the emotion in the song. Eien No Melody is one of my favorite Japanese songs, and "Oh Starry Night" is just a disgrace to it's name. Anyone who prefers "Oh Starry Night" to "Eien No Melody" either has some serious drinking problems or some sort of psychological disorder. This song was used in the same episode as "Call My Name (And I'll be There)".
  • Track 6 - It's A New Day - Now back to the synthesized 50's teeny bopper songs. Actually, I kinda like this song. The vocal arrangements for the verses are done quite well if you ask me. It's quite a catchy song, but then, it's hard to like a song with so much bubble gum in it........This song was used in the episode "Day Of Destiny".
  • Track 7 - Carry On - Another emotion filled song. It was played during the fight with Beryl. Once again, I prefer this song to "Moonlight Densetsu" that was played in the original version. I mean, I love Moonlight Densetsu, but it's just not much of a battle song. Carry On, on the other hand, is the definition of a battle song. The lyrics don't seem to be very well thought out, but that's ok. And guess what? They actually USED a real instrument in this song! Wow! Isn't that absolutely amazing???
  • Track 8 - Rainy Day Man - My personal favorite on the CD. Rainy Day Man is a heartfelt song with a touch of emotion. The lyrics seemed well thought out, the vocal arrangements were well done, and the music was done well also. The song was used in the episode where "Lita's" friend gets attacked by a Cardian.
  • Track 9 - Only A Memory Away - Not one of my favorite songs on the CD. The lyrics are well thought out, the vocal arrangements are good, and the music is good also. So what's wrong with the song?? I'll tell you what's wrong. The girl who sings this song makes me cringe! Eeeew! She is trying to sing way to hard. If this girl doesn't make chills go down your spine, then you have stronger nerves than I do, my friend...This song was played in the episode "Sailor Mercury moving on?".
  • Track 10 - She's Got The Power - (?.?)....My LEAST favorite song on the CD. Whenever I listen to this the only thought going through my head is, "This guy sounds like Sammy Hagar on crack...." And the sad part is, HE DOES! I can picture this singer with LONG wavy blonde hair with a bottle of booze sitting next to him cause he just got kicked out of his band and he's looking for an easy buck *BREATH*. Woooh! That was a mouthful. This song in no WAY matched the power of Ai No Senshi. I forget when this song was played. I think it was played when the 4 inners and 4 sisters had a showdown.
  • Track 11 - Sailor Moon Theme (Reprise) - This is just the closing theme song. For me, this CD ended with "Rainy Day Man", if you catch me listening to anything past that, you're witnessing a phenomenon of nature.
  • CD Overall Rating - 6 out of 10 - The CD wasn't all that bad, but it was by far "good". It was just a little above average. If you're a pure dubbie, then you'll love the CD, if not, you'll probably want to stay away.
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