Sailor Moon to Leave Toonami (April 29th, 2001)
A lot of people probably know this by now, but it's important enough for me to post, even if this news clip is a couple weeks old. It looks like after the current run of SuperS is done, Sailor Moon will be leaving the Toonami lineup. While I have different sources telling me different things, I'll tell you what the plans are for Toonami as from the Cartoon Network schedule. Please note that things are likely and have changed at any time, which has been shown on many accounts, and that this is what is currently up. I will not update the schedule on here unless it places Sailor Moon back on it. The last SS episode will be on Thursday, May 3rd. Friday is the movie day, and heres the schedule starting Monday, May 7th: (all times are EST)

4 - 5: Gundam Wing (edited)
5 - 5:30: Dragon Ball Z
5:30 - 6: Big O
6 - 6:30: Tenchi (May 7th is a 1 hour special, then it goes to a normal half hour slot)
6:30 - 7: Superman

So thats going to be the normal lineup for a while. It seems that to Sean Akins, Sailor Moon has lived up to it's hype and should be taken off for a while. I believe this could be a good thing. If it's off for a while, it should do well when it comes back, especially if they start in the beginning if/when it does. You can still watch dubbed Sailor Moon on TV after it's off Toonami though. There are quite a few local stations that have and air the first two seasons (I don't know which ones, so please don't ask me). However, you're going to have to wait a bit longer for the next two seasons on llcal stations, as Toonami has enclusive TV rights for a year, which ends this June, to the S and SS seasons. I don't know if they will be picking up the seasons, but at least they will be availble to the stations if they want them.

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