Second set of S releases and release date for the third (March 24th, 2001)
Despite the conflicting info between sources, I think it's safe to say that the next DVD will have 6 episodes, which would be both VHSs on the DVD, unlike a seperate DVD for VHS like some say. The second DVD will hold episodes 97 - 102, the third VHS will have 97 - 99, and the fourth VHS will have 100 - 102. Cover art for all three is below. Once again, the DVD cover is the same as the first VHS of the DVD, and the second VHS cover will probably be an insert like last time as well. The DVD will be called "Heart Collection II," the third VHS will be "Labyrinth," and the fourth VHS is "Birthday Blues." The DVD art is on top, the third VHS arts are second with the dub cover on the left and uncut on the right, and the fourth VHS covers are last, dub left, uncut right.

With the second release a couple weeks away, the third release has been planned and announced, though there is no cover art availble. Like the second release, the third will release six more episodes, and it is predicted that each release will release six episodes until the final, which would be seven episodes like the first. The DVD, "Heart Collection III," will hold episodes 103 - 108, the fifth VHS, "Back From the Future," has 103 - 105, and the sixth VHS, "Secret Destiny," will have 106 - 108. The third release is currently planned for June 12, 2001, which I find ironic, as excatly one year prior, SMS began to air on Toonami. More info as more comes availble.

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