Sailor Moon on Toei Poll (August 13th, 2007)
Thanks to Genvid for the heads up. It would appear that Toei has asked ANN to host a survey to see what titles American fans would like to see available on Video on Demand in its subtitled form. This survey, which you can get to by clicking here, has Sailor Moon, as well as many other options listed. Currently, Sailor Moon has more votes than any other show by far, but more votes will never hurt, and show Toei that there is still a viable future for Sailor Moon on this side of the ocean.

So this is another piece of the potential puzzle for a possible rebirth of Sailor Moon in America. In March, Sailor Moon was added to Toei's AnimeBB package in Japan, not to mention to a new "unlimited" package last week. Then months later we learned from Geneon that the anime rights are frozen, and TokyoPop said basically the same thing with the manga rights. Now we have Toei wanting opinions from American fans what shows they would like to see come over here and Sailor Moon is on that list. This raises a lot of questions about how the series would be treated if it were to come over, but right now it's important to let Toei know that the fans want the show back and to have our voices heard. I encourage everyone to vote for Sailor Moon on the poll, as well as any other shows you see on there you like. We;ve been given a chance to have our voices heard, let's take full advantage of it.

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