TokyoPop attempts to renegotiate the license to he manga (July 24th, 2007)
Thanks to Genvid for the heads up on this tidbit. At Otakon this weekend, when asked of the possibility of the PGSM manga being brought over to the US, TokyoPop explained that they want to bring it over, however they are still attempting to iron out the licensing and continue to actively persue it. If you watch the video on TokyoPop's panel that's on ANN and skip to the 28 minute mark, you can see the the Q&A take place for it.

Granted, it's really not much new news since the American licenses were pulled years ago, however it is nice to hear that licenses are still being sought after. Even nicer is that since DiC is out of the picture, it can be re-translated using the actual names and a more accurate translation. Hopefully this can be ironed out and we can finally see some new Sailor Moon stuff over here again.

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