Warriors of Legend Press Release (May 25th, 2005)
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May 25, 2005 (Stamford, CT) Genvid L.L.C., the minds behind the most widely respected?and one of the most entertaining?Sailor Moon websites in the world, is thrilled to offer a unique new way to learn about Japan. Warriors of Legend: Reflections of Japan in Sailor Moon turns Japanese cultural study on its head, showing how creator Naoko Takeuchi took the city and society around her and used it to shape a multi-billion dollar franchise.

New to anime or Japan studies? Warriors of Legend is a fun and accessible way to learn the basics without sifting through pretentious textbooks. We tell you what you need to know about syncretism, after-hours cram schools, and how life gets rough when you're not like everybody else.

Japanese culture maven? We'll show you a whole new Tokyo under the Sailor Moonlight. Warriors of Legend has original photos and fresh analysis of everything from the Hikawa Shrine to the Tennōzu Sphere Tower?plus a few ghost stories from a place called Darkness Hill.

Otaku at large? Warriors of Legend sees your Sailor Moon knowledge, and it raises you an Ami Mizuno. We reveal what you can't find online, like the deadly stories behind those monster-of-the-week speeches, how Minako's lousy love life was predestined, and why Kimi-chan's statue was such a fitting place for Ami to contemplate her true calling.

Whether you want to dig deeper into Tokyo's history and Japanese society, or you're looking for a trivia edge on your Moonie friends, Warriors of Legend: Reflections on Japan in Sailor Moon is a sure bet to enlighten and entertain.

Warriors of Legend: Reflections on Japan in Sailor Moon retails for US$12.99. It is 148 pp., paperback, with 45 photos & map. ISBN 1-4196-0814-2. Available at www.WarriorsofLegend.com.

About the Authors:

Jay Navok holds a Masters degree in Regional Studies East Asia from Columbia University and is winner of the Japanese government's 2005 Monbukagakusho research scholarship.

Sushil K. Rudranath is a practicing attorney in the state of Florida and holds a Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Florida.

Jonathan Mays (Editor) is a freelance writer for Newtype USA, Animerica, Anime Insider, IGN, Protoculture Addicts, and Neo Magazine (UK), and is the Senior Editor of Anime News Network.

About Genvid L.L.C.:

Genvid L.L.C.'s mission is to expand peoples' understanding of Japanese pop-culture outside Asia, particularly in the English-speaking world. Our staff includes award-winning Japan specialists, lawyers, Japanese pop journalists, and PhD students.

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