Geneon's Final Sailor Moon S Signature Series Announcement (March 26th, 2004)
While ADV loses the ability to release any Sailor Moon products at the end of the month, Geneon makes as much use of their Sailor Moon contract as they can by making two announcements late yesterday evening.

The first announcement is pretty much expected. Sailor Moon S: Heart Collection VI will have its Signature Series release on July 13, 2004, for $19.98 MSRP. Same ol, same ol....

But here's something nice they announced. One week before that date, on July 6, 2004, they will release the Sailor Moon S Thin Pack DVD Box Set for $99.98 MSRP. This set will contain the discs, each now stored in a thinpack with all 6 volumes stored in a box. When asked if the covers for the thinpacks would be reversable, Geneon stated that the reversable covers would be exclusive to the orginal release in 2001, however, the thinpacks will NOT have the ugly read Signature Series bars. That's all that's known for now, and I'm very happy to see a box for the third season to be released.

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