Deep Discount DVD 1-Ups Right Stuf (February 27th, 2004)
Yesterday Right Stuf added both of ADV's uncut Sailor Moon boxes to their weekly special list for only $49.95 for the 2/26 - 3/3 week. I said myself that that deal was the best we would see for a long time, and 24 hours later I am proven completely wrong!

Deep Discount DVD (DDD) has added onto their front page today a slew of Sailor Moon deals. If you (like me) thought that yesterday was awesome seeing the boxes that low, DDD is selling them for LESS at $39.95, plus FREE SHIPPING. Also, they have a bundle deal where both boxes together are only $69.95 with free shipping. More Sailor Moon sales there worth mentioning is that every ADV dubbed DVD is selling for $5.99 each with free shipping as well. This, hands down, is THE time to buy ADV's Sailor Moon release if you've been on the fence concerning prices. Though it would be nice if in 24 hours someone else tries to one-up this, though obviosuly that probably won't happen.

Special thanks to forum user "mimet-star" for finding and posting this valuable information.

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