Giant Sale on ADV's Uncut Sailor Moon (February 26th, 2004)
I'm sure many of you have heard of The Right Stuf International, Inc., perhaps the biggest anime merchandise store in the US today. Some of you may be familiar with the specials they offer on a daily and weekly basis. On the batch of weekly specials today, is a big suprise for Sailor Moon fans. While the uncut boxes of the two seasons of Sailor Moon retail for $149.98 each, for this week you can order them from Right Stuf for only $49.95! Yes, both boxes are availble at 67% off the retail price. If you've been holding out on getting one or both of these boxes because of the price tag, then this week is the time to order them as it's highly unlikely they will be priced down this low again. The Right Stuf's home page can be found at http://www.rightstuf.com/ .

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