Unannounced SMR Movie delay (March 14th, 2001)
Yes, Sean Akins proves to us once again he doesn't know what hes doing as well as underplays Sailor Moon, despite his claims that he doesn't. Heres a breif rundown on events in North American Sailor Moon history involving Toonami for a couple weeks short of a year now. The S and SS dubs are announced, causing most major distros to take down S and SS, late March/early April. June 12, the S dub airs sooner than anyone expected, with only one week notice from Toonami commericals. July 21st, an episode was skipped, sent back for last minute editing, proof that dub was rushed, episode was aired in second run on September 13th, nothing was said on air about the mistake. E-mails were sent inquiring about the skipped episode, only an auto-response was sent back. September 26th, SS dub begins to air right after the second S run ends, no promos whatsoever. Mid-October, www.fantasticon.com conducted an interview with Akins. Ken, who interviewed him, asked the fans for questions to ask. Bob and I asked him to ask about things such as the lack of promos for SS and the skipped episode. Ken says that the webmasters of SMU believe that he is underplaying Sailor Moon and that there were no promos for the SS season. Akins says that he doesn't underplay Sailor Moon and hopes to do more business with her in the future as she is popular, also saying that everything on Toonami is promoed and SS was no exception. October 30, an episode from SS was skipped in the same way the one from S was which aired in the second run on December 21, nothing said on the air, and REALLY proved the hypocrisy of the network. January 15th, because the second run of SS ended on the Friday before, and Toonami always starts over from the beginning of the series after playing through new episodes twice, it was expected that the first season would air. However, this proves not to be the case as we see the first S episode air. Like everything else mationed above, nothing was said why.

Around this time, the SMR movie was announced to air on Febuary 17th on the Rising Sun. Days before the date, they pulled it off of that slot which no one liked anyways for it, which was good because if it aired then it wouldn't get good ratings, and there weren't any commericals for it, which showed Akins made a good move, putting it on the Toonami Inflight movie block set to air this Friday, March 16th. Promos started to air for it, everything seemed to be going well. Now we are at today, March 14th. I get home and watch some Gundam Wing with my bro for a few minutes, then something catches as I leave for the commcerial break. I saw clips for Tree of Might, so I stayed, and saw it was a promo for the movie. I thought "Akins is overdoing DBZ again, promoing ToM a week early," then I saw it was going to air THIS Friday and not NEXT Friday like I thought. Well, I eat dinner, do my homework, and finally get to the computer to find out that the SMR Movie has seemed to be spiked off of Toonami. Schedule shows Tree of Might now, SMR promos just stopped, the SMR page of Toonami.com is gone, and the internet is going crazy as NO ONE knows anything. The best sources don't even know anything about it besides the fact that it happened. It seems that Sean Akins REALLY needs to get with it. The Toonami lineup has changed twice this month without notice and now this. This was completely unannounced and there were already promos aired for it! Oy, now only time will tell the future of the Sailor Moon movies on Toonami. It can't be for a lot of reasons, but no one can seem to figure out the reason this happened. Akins has to get with it, this is getting way out of hand.

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