Episode 67 absent from Sailor Moon R Box (August 26th, 2003)
The revised coverart for the SMR box has been popping out in various places (will be on this site by the time you read this) and people have noticed a typo. Case 1 says episdoes 47 - 66, and cvase 2 says episodes 68 - 89. There has been speculation that this was a typo and will be fixed prior to release, but at this weekend's Shoujocon, it was found to not be the case. Matt Greenfield pf ADV announced there that yes, that episode will be missing from this set as the Japanese liscensor yanked it from the set. ADV fought to get this episode but for whatever reason there is, Toei would not let them have it. All I have to say to this (outside of a definetly coming up editorial) is we're screwed yet again.

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