Comic Con News Correction (August 5th, 2003)
Well, looks like Danny-boy here read a faulty Comic Con report. On Comic Con weekend, I had read in a report that Pioneer had announced there that they have no plans to bring over Sailor Stars. However about a week or so later, I had been informed by Saphiro01, who had attended the Comic Con and panels himself, that this is not the case. In actuality, this is far from the truth and I apologize greatly for reporting incorrect news. In the Pioneer Q&A session when asked if they have plans to bring over Stars, the response was they are still to persuing the rights if there's a demand for it. They then asked the crowd how many would be interested for a stateside release, to which everyone raised their hands. They then asked how many would buy it with the lack of a dub track, and once again everyone raised their hands, which both suprised and intrigued the panelists. Looks like that Pioneer is definetly still in the game, and have a good idea of how high a demand for Stars is. ADV also appears to be in the fight for Stars, as when they were asked about Stars, they replied that they are also very interested in getting Stars, especially if their uncut boxes sell really well. To put in most basic terms, it appears that things remain the same, as well as heating up a bit.

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