Some Details on new Sailormoon (June 8th, 2003)
Yesterday brought about amazing news of new Sailormoon in Japan this fall in live action format, today brings about some details. It has been confirmed that the series will begin to air this October on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System). Naoko Takeuchi thinks this will break new ground being one of the first sentai-type series for girls, as all live actions shows under that genre until now have been aimed for a shounen auidence, with no shoujo equilivent. CG work will be used in this production, though it's not known how extensive use of it will be. Toei will be in charge of the production of this show. The company produced the Sailormoon anime series, as well as special effects for sentai-like shows such as Kamen Rider. CBC (Chubu-nippon Broadcasting Company) was mentioned in yesterday's announcement, and they are an affalite of TBS. CBC is based in the Nagoya region of Japan, whereas TBS is Tokyo-based.

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