ADV Releases SMC Box Date (March 31st, 2003)
After many years, just over ten after its initial airing in Japan, the rights to the uncut versions of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R were picked up by ADV in July 2002. When they announced they had rights, it was announced pretty much right after they got them, instead of having them for a while and working on the release so they could get it out after the announcement. Because of this, it's been a long wait to hear anything regarding these boxes, but today, just less than two hours ago, ADV has announced the street date for the boxset of the first season. Sailor Moon Classic will be released in a DVD box uncut subbed on July 15, 2003. This has been confirmed by David Williams from ADV on the AoD forums, who also tells us that there will be 8 DVDs in the set. There is no MSRP yet, but he does say there will be a press release soon. Once that press release is out, be sure to check here and ADV's site for all the info it contains. Until then, we know a date and disc count. ^_^

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