Countdown to SMS DVD/VHSs (January 24th, 2001)
We are now excatly one day after the orginal release date of the first set of VHSs and the first DVD for the Sailor Moon S series. We've seen it get delayed for a couple weeks (the orginal date was PERFECT TIMING, oh WHY did they change it?), hint on different things about it, Pioneer being very secretive on giving out the news until a month and a half before the release, and giving out the cover art and titles for the VHSs. But what about the DVD? It had no title nor any cover art. All anyone knew was that it would contain the first seven episodes and be a hybrid sub/uncut dub DVD. No title, and no cover art. Well, about a couple weeks ago, they finally DID name the DVD, and today, they released the cover art. The name of the DVD is "Heart Collection I" and the cover art can be seen below. I must say they did a MUCH better job with the DVD cover art that they did for the VHSs. Only 13 more days!

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