SuperS Set Six Announced (October 18th, 2002)
I'd been waiting for Pioneer to make some sort of SuperS announcement since they updated their site a few weeks ago with their releases up until mid-Febuary, and just a few hours or so ago, they updated their site with their releases until about mid-March. And they had the sixth set on it. In most basic terns, this release is being handled excatly the same and the previous two. Six episodes on the DVD, three "uncut" dub episodes per VHS, and a select three cut dub episodes on a "best of" VHS. Yes, this does leave the rest of the season in an interesting situation to say the very least, but I'll get into that later.

The release date set for this batch of releases is Tuesday, Febuary 18, 2003. The DVD is obviously titled "Pegasus Connection VI" and will contain episodes 158 - 163. The elventh VHS is labled "Coming of Age" and the twelvth is "Trapped in a Dream." The best of VHS collection of the set is called "Dreams Forever."

Now, as I mentioned above, the rest of the season is in an interesting situation. The reason I say that, is that the rest of the season is three episodes. This is almost as bad as taking these three episodes and the six episodes in this release, and doing an even 3/3/3 release type thing. They obviously didn't plan out SuperS out, a three episode release could've been easily avoidable. All I can say before I rant off about a three episode release, is I hope they have a suprise for us in set seven. While there hasn't been any announcements of anything from the TV aspect of Saiolr Moon for a while (besides ADV getting uncut Classic and R), Pioneer has been known for not announcing things they have rights to until they're about ready to release it. All I can do is speculate though, I don't know a thing until Pioneer says something. They don't seem to want to talk Sailor Moon outside certain sections of their site, so I guess they'll get to putting the info up for SuperS Set Seven by the new year or mid-January. I hope there's a suprise, or there's going to be some angry people.

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