Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection CD Details (October 10th, 2002)
A couple days ago, I wrote an article announcing a new North American Sailor Moon CD, labled "Sailor Moon: The Full Moon Collection" and set to release on Tuesday, November 12, 2002. Until now, that's basically all that's been known. Thanks to moontrekker who found the info posted at CD Universe. (yeah, I know like nothing on how to find CD info since I don't buy CDs very often) Like I guessed, this CD is full of dub songs, with one new dub song, and almost half of the songs remixed. Here's the track list:

1. Sailor Moon - (remix)
2. I'm Not Ready
3. My Only Love - (remix)
4. I Want Someone To Love - (RAWer mix)
5. I Want To Hold Your Hand - (HI-NRG mix)
6. Call My Name (And I'll Be There)
7. I Wanna Be A Star!
8. The Power Of Love
9. Rainy Day Man
10. Nothing At All
11. Oh Starry Night
12. Sailor Moon Theme - (club mix)

"I'm Not Ready" seems to be the only new song, and I honestly don't know where it's from. The "I Want Someone To Love" remix appears to be the same one from the Lunarock CD, and the other remixes I really don't know what they might be like. So basically, this CD has a combination of the dub songs from both previous CDs, with some remixed, and one brand new song. I personally recommend getting the CD, especially if you haven't heard the first two.

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