ADV Announces Last Dub DVDs (August 20th, 2002)
Sometime today, ADV announced the last two dub DVDs on their site. I guessed correctly that each of these DVDs would have five episodes with number 13 having dub episodes 73 - 77, and number 14 having 78 - 82. DVD13 is called "Time Travlers" and the final DVD is labled "Love Conquers All." Both DVDs will go on sale on January 7, 2003. Now with all the dub DVDs announced, ADV can now focus new SM announcements on the subs, which they remeinded fans on the site that they'll be releasing the first two seasons uncut and subbed, and to keep checking back for any new info and release dates. Looks like they're all ready to start major work on the subs, and it's good to see they're finishing out the dub version rather quickly as well.

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