ADV Announces More Dub DVDs (August 15th, 2002)
Announced on ADV's site eariler this month was the next, and second to last, set of dub DVDs. Being released on November 26, 2002, these DVDs will continue the six episode trend that ADV has been following well. The elventh DVD is titled "The Ties That Bind," and will contain dub episodes 61 - 66, and the twelveth DVD, containing dub episodes 67 - 72, is called "The Wrath of Emerald." The reason I say this set is the second to last set, is that after this set, there are ten episodes of the dub left prior to S. Since ADV has been releasing two DVDs at a time the whole way through, and kept a good pattern going, the last release will almost definetly be a five episode per DVD release to finish off R. With the speed they've been getting these DVDs out, it seems like they have their sights set to finish releasing the dub by the end of the year, and maybe even before Christmas just so that you can get those last two DVDs under your Christmas tree. ^_^ While I'm only speculating on them ending before the end of 2002, I think it's a sure thing to see a five episode per DVD release for the final set, and I wouldn't be suprised if the subs will follow.

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