Toonami Inflight Movies kicks off again with SMSS (August 1st, 2002)
Announced today from Cartoon Network is the return of Toonami Inflight Movies, the airing of a movie every Friday to kick off the Toonami block. Kicking off the return of the inflight movies is the Sailor Moon SuperS movie, set to air Friday, September 13, 2002, at 4PM EST. Pretty interesting decision to have SuperS air instead of the other two (for cronological and storyline reasons). I'd like to see the series come back, but we gotta take what we can get. You can see our comparison for the SS movie here to see our thoughts on the dub job and what was cut and stuff before watching if you want. Maybe I'll remember to watch my tape sometime before then from the initial airing and add in my thoughts which would include comments of the placements of commerical breaks, I dunno. In any case, anyone interested in seeing the edited dub of the SMSS movie and doesn't feel compelled to spend money to buy or rent the thing to (like me), be sure to watch it.

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