ADV Has Rights to Uncut Seasons 1 and 2 (July 27th, 2002)
It has finally come. This afternoon at Otakon, ADV finally made the long awated announcement that has been anticipited since October 2000: They have the rights for the uncut version of Sailor Moon seasons one and two. Here is an excerpt from the offical ADV website with the info released at Okaton this afternoon:

Perhaps the biggest announcement of the panel was the acquisition of the first two seasons of the international hit series, Sailor Moon, in the uncut form, featuring the Japanese language with English-subtitles. This is something Sailor Moon fans have been dreaming of for a very long time, and now it?s finally on the way. Each season will be packaged in their own spectacular box sets. And, we?re happy to report, production on the first season of episodes is already under way.

Not only do we finally get the first two seasons in uncut and subtitled form, each season is getting a box! Wee! ^_^ As of right now, no dates for any release have been given, though I'm sure sometime in the coming few months there will be one.

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